Saturday 10th May, 2003


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As the police began their crackdown on crime in east Port-of-Spain, detectives yesterday confiscated 989 kilogrammes of marijuana and arrested two suspects in Beetham Gardens. But an early morning police raid reportedly ended in bedlam, with Phase Five residents making claims of police brutality. The police deny using brute force.
Above: Two young men re-enact the beatings they claim they got from the police.

Photo: Anthony Harris

Star witness against lawyer found beheaded
and burnt

Homicide detectives have launched a major probe into the Mafia-style killing of Ainsley Allen, whose body was found decapitated and burnt last Saturday...


Residents cry police brutality

Police yesterday seized 989 kilogrammes of marijuana and arrested two suspects during a raid at Beetham Gardens, Laventille...

Doctors argue over SARS ward

Chief Medical Officer of the Port-of-Spain General Hospital, Dr Rampersad Parasram, yesterday criticised doctors who have said Ward 2 of the hospital, the designated unit for quarantine of probable Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome cases, is not suitable for this purpose...

Medicos take a stand for Trinidade

San Fernando General Hospital doctors staged a peaceful stand up protest outside the Medical Chief of Staff’s office yesterday morning...

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Sugar benefits unequal says Caroni chairman

Those who use sugar to manufacture other products, make much more money than those growing the crop as a primary product...

Stepping into motherhood

In the story of Cinderella, her stepmother was portrayed as a wicked woman who made her do all the chores while her biological children - the ugly sisters - got all prettied up for the ball...

Business Guardian

Tobago to profit from Virgin flights

Annual revenues in excess of $140 million will go directly to the Tobago economy as a result of Virgin Atlantic Airways said an official of the group’s tour operations - Virgin Holidays...

Entertainers to EMA: Tone down noise rules

Stakeholders in the entertainment industry have called on the Environmental Management Authority to “level the playing field” when distributing variation licences...

Sports Feature

Clarke Road stays in contention for Carib League top honours

Fire wants $15,000 for midfielder Legerton

Athletics boss wants more $$ from Government

The Russell Latapy Story Part 3

Stern eyes new contract

“That’s SIR RICHARD BRANSON, he considers

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