Thursday 5th June 2003

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Making health care pay

A teenager, writhing in pain, is brought to hospital for surgery on his broken leg. Standard procedure at most of the country’s hospitals...

TGI Friday’s set to operate in Barbados

Prestige Holdings has applied to operate a TGI Friday’s franchise in Barbados, according to Dane Darbasie, the parent company’s CEO...

Green Paper on Financial Sector

More efficient industry needed

Very little seems new in the recommendations for the local financial sector which have been proposed by the 13-member Cabinet appointed committee to review the sector...


Looking for the big ticket

In the US, more than 75 per cent of new magazines launched every year disappear within three years. In this country the figure is probably higher...

Think big like a millionaire

Do you know the difference between you and the millionaire next door? Besides his money, I mean. It is his wonderful mind...

Mixing business with pleasure

The business at Angostura House, Eastern Main Road, Laventille, was a cultural fiesta for participants of the recently held Trade and Investment Convention 2003...

Commentary and Analysis

Nearshore dream close to reality

Do we want to add another 40,000 barrels a day (b/d) to land and nearshore oil production in Trinidad and Tobago?

Temporary tightening of TT$

During the last two weeks of May, the market experienced a decline in TT$ liquidity...

Sustained growth or terminal decline?

This is the first in a new series by the South Trinidad Camber of Industry and Commerce.The Chamber is committed to highlighting this issue and to ensure that the voices of the local production and service companies, who comprise a significant portion of our membership, are heard and understood by the national community and by government...












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