Sunday 8th June, 2003


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The recently constructed 85-foot-high Hanuman murti, the largest outside India, stands atop the pinkish/saffron coloured Dattatreya Mandir at Orange Field road, Carapichaima, Central Trinidad.

Photo by Shirley Bahadur


Revenue officers fear: Tax $b for grabs

Key tax services which rake in billions of dollars in revenue for Government annually, are to be placed under the control of a few private sector interests and political appointees...

150 Trinis denied entry to US every year

The US Embassy says only on a “couple” occasions have Trinbagonians been wrongly denied entry to the US...

Queries of pastor's billion$

Two law firms reported to be working on a mammoth inheritance for pastor Vishnu Lutchmansingh, this week denied that they have been employed by the Pentecostal cleric...

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No more chances

Planning and Development Minister, Dr Keith Rowley has said his Ministry is just one step away from beginning to demolish all the unauthorised billboards along the highways...

Now to bioliteracy

Maybe its because my vocabulary is extremely limited, but inevitably I always learn a new word, no matter where I visit. In Jamaica it was an entire dialect of patios (some say it’s a language) but on BWIA’s recent inaugural trip to Costa Rica it was just one word: Bioliteracy...

Business Guardian

Making health care pay

A teenager, writhing in pain, is brought to hospital for surgery on his broken leg. Standard procedure at most of the country’s hospitals...

Crowd goes Crazy in Sweden

The floundering BWIA and various politicians were the butt of jokes by Maljo Tent comedians at the Humorous Kaiso Night for the We Beat Festival, St James Amphitheatre...

Sports Feature

Sri Lanka bursts Windies bubble

Lara blames ‘careless batting’ for defeat

Spann’s strike gives T&T 1-0 win over Soweto club

Trini to the bone, but Ato hurting

A pat on the back for Eleanor


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