Monday 29th March, 2004

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Flower power
With flowers stuck in their hair, and decked in flowing skirts, Tamara Prayag and Corinne Acosta charm the audience with their song and dance routine at the 26th Biennial Music Festival at Queen’s Hall, Port-of-Spain, on Saturday night. The final curtain of the event, which attracted much greater public interest than in some previous years, came down last night.
Photo: Andre Alexander


‘Suppliers exploiting the market’

Consumers are going back to basics to avoid higher prices, even as the Consumer Affairs Minister admits there is a problem with imported inflation...

Guns for URP jobs Stupid move says Panday

Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday has said Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) officials were giving contracts to criminal gangs in Laventille and East Port-of-Spain in return for the gangs giving up their guns...

Crowne Plaza makes public apology to Baptists

The management of Crowne Plaza Ltd says the eviction of several leaders of the Spiritual Shouter Baptist community, last week, resulted because of a misunderstanding...

Mother of nine children needs help

One of the applicants who received assistance from the Guardian Neediest Cases Fund during the last Christmas season is an unemployed 31-year-old mother of nine children who lives in a southern district. The father of the children suffers from an ailment in the head and is unable to work...

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Wanted: trade mission from Florida

Travel and tourism impresario Gerald Bourne wants to twin the cities of San Fernando and Orlando and to arrange a trade mission from Florida to T&T...

Organic farming

Listening to Everard Byer will surely put you off food and tap water if you are faint of heart. But as head of the T&T Organic Agricultural Movement, it’s his duty to educate the public about the dangers lurking in the waterlines and agricultural produce that ultimately ends up in our pots...

Bajans repeat

Daren Powell edged Corey Collymore to Floyd Reifer as Barbados again completed the West Indies first-class championship double of winning the Carib Beer Cup and Carib Beer International Challenge yesterday...

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Handicapped by imports

In sporting circles, it is unheard of for competitors from different classes to come up against each other. In the business world, however, that’s exactly what will happen next year when the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) comes into being...

Music Festival comes to an end

The final curtain came down on the 2004 Music Festival last night — ending four weeks in which the instrumental and vocal talents of the nation’s (mostly) young people were displayed...

Trini Revellers is the winner of the George Bailey Large Band award. Check out more photos from Carnival 2004...

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