Wednesday 9th June, 2004


Short pants wins talkalypso

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Llewelyn “Short Pants” Mc Intosh won the first prize at Kulture Klub 99’s Talkalypso competition on June 6 at the St James Amphitheatre. This made it his third win. He won $5,000 and two return tickets to New York.

MC Sprangalang started the show at 6.50 pm. A voice from the audience shouted: “Like you working obeah!” as four candles were lit on stage for his performance. The crowd laughed as they anticipated the reigning champion’s performance of “Ah Want to Dead”.

Short Pants, in costume complete with a zombified white face, delivered a natural combination of talent, humour and protest. He echoed the plight of many local artistes: “Is right then I know how to get them bitches to play my kaiso… Is dead ah sure I go get air play.”

Gail Lord won both the second prize of $2,500 and the best female prize with Sparrow’s “Donkey Can’t Wine,” one of the few performances of the lyrics of recorded calypsoes.

Despite initial microphone problems, Lord showcased her theatrical and story telling powers. She commanded the stage and engaged the crowd as she said: “If it’s sex I eh lying, donkey have the goods but he can’t wine.”

As Robin Foster exclaimed “She break mih wood in half,” few probably knew that he was actually talking about a stick fight. He won third place with Zandolee’s “Stickman.” (CG)

How they placed

1. Llewelyn “Short Pants” Mc Intosh — “Ah Want to Dead”

2. Gail Lord — “Donkey Can’t Wine” (Sparrow)

3. Robin Foster — “Stickman” (Zandolee)

4. Gregor Breedy — “Bumper Ketch Ah Fire” (Timmy)

5. Shereen Caesar — “Lost Ones”

6. Leroy Paul — “Trinidad Dictionary”

7. Eric Nicholson — “Voodoo Man” (Brigo)

8. Trevor Burnett — “Last Ride”

9. Steve Gomez — “Making Fares Till Ah Dead”

10. Damien John — “Caution”

Best Female — Gail Lord

Most Humourous — Steve Gomez





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