Sunday 2nd January, 2005

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For the love of cricket

Remember this might look good on paper, but unless you can truly visualise yourself reaping the rewards of your savings in future years from the above mentioned tips, you will never have the discipline to ignore the wants that tempt you in the present...


A New Year’s wish

It’s the second day of 2005 and most women have resolved for yet another year to shed that 20 pounds—preferably in time for Carnival—save some money and finally take that trip they’ve been planning for the last ten years...

Alma Thompson finds the answers to her prayers

God’s business. That’s how Alma Thompson refers to her recently established business Alma WI Ltd, distributor of Foot-O-Pedics products...

Art is her bag

It’s not very often that a struggling artist in Trinidad is granted the opportunity to publish a series of art books but when a San Fernando mother of three was awarded the chance the offer was simply irresistible...


10 top tips

Selecting the correct shade in your foundation and powder is paramount. If they aren’t right, your make-up won’t look good...

Food combining for better absorption

Eating several types of foods at one meal may challenge digestion and leave us feeling bloated, nauseated, tired or with an abundance of intestinal gas. Most healthy youngsters have the amazing ability to digest just about anything they eat, in almost any combination, at any time of day...

Don’t forget exercise

Just as eating healthy is of utmost importance so is exercise. A lot of us focus on cardio work most of the time for losing weight and leave strength training out completely. Strength training and cardiovascular work go hand in hand...

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