Sunday 2nd January, 2005


Grooving the pain away

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Lead singer with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires’ Oscar B sings the popular single Dentist at arranger/producer Leston Paul’s Mt Lambert studio, on Wednesday. Photo: Dilip Singh

By Michelle Loubon

“This is the dentist going inside; you gotta open wide,” croons Oscar B at arranger Leston Paul’s Mt Lambert studio. This was last Wednesday.

He even has a dentist dance to go with the lyrics like “They call me professional, they call me expert/No way would it hurt/And if by some miracle you feel pain/It is only natural you would come again.”

Buoyed by the response to the groovy, laid-back single, composed by Barbadian calypsonian Gabby and arranged/produced by Paul, Oscar B (Benjamin) said: “Dentist is just tailored for Oscar B. It has been getting good airplay. The feedback is a lot of people like it.

“I don’t think anybody else could do it. It is typically my vein...soft, slow, sweet music. It is like my other songs Soca Butterfly and Soca Tattee.”

Oscar B, lead vocalist with Jamaica’s Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, added: “Leston and I spoke about it at the American Embassy party. We felt there was the need for double-entendre songs. It was lacking. I had not spoken to him for a while because I was out travelling.

“But when I came back we got it started. We decided to make it a reality.”

Paul chimed in, touching on the more sober issue of piracy.

“Because of the piracy, the New York Connection has been out of the spotlight. Then I saw a little change in the piracy in New York. Every time we did a recording, the same day the guys on the streets would be selling two for $5,” he said.

Although Paul has released Dentist, he supports calypsonian Shadow’s stance against piracy.

“If everybody could have done what Shadow did it would have been effective. I don’t think the powers that be recognise the effects piracy has on sales with CDs. It affects studios, composers and artistes. It has a chain reaction. It causes a drastic decline in production.

“Most producers would spend their money, but when they are not making back their money, it would be a hole in the bucket. Piracy has to be stopped totally.”

Meanwhile, Oscar B, who stressed he’s not DJ Oscar B, extended best wishes to his fans and the national community.

The 36-year-old singer, who hails from Tacarigua, also added: “Tell the ladies they can call Leston or Oscar B for appointments.”

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