Sun, Sea, Sand and Bake and Shark

What better way to top off a good salt water bath than with a soft scrumptious golden float and a piece of well-seasoned shark between it.

By Avalene Harris

And what better place to enjoy such, but on Maracas beach. According to sea bathers who flock Maracas, if you really want a taste of what true bake and shark is, try Richard’s.

Of course a good bake and shark can never be complete without the condiments and at Richard’s the choices are endless: Honey mustard, chadon beni, lettuce, avocado, green salad and tamarind sauce.

It was their father who was instrumental in preparing all the different condiments, said Richard’s brother Gary.

“The idea behind it came after he noticed that some people preferred something different, other than the normal fresh salad.

“So we started offering the condiments with the meal.

The G-spot crew met up with Gary on Maracas beach recently and found him busy with the customers that stood in a long line waiting patiently to be served.

Richard, Gary said, copped the peoples’ choice and the judges prize at a vendor’s competition hosted by the National Flour Mills four years ago.

The secret to their simple but delicious meal is the shark.

“The black tip shark is the best quality shark to use,” Gary said.

“Other vendors use different quality shark to prepare their dish but I say the quality is very important if you want to succeed.”

Apparently bathers agree.

Richard’s name was on the lips of almost everyone who was asked where they preferred to go for a good bake and shark. Shivering from the cold wind blowing on his wet skin a customer said: “Richard is the best, you cannot go wrong. I do not go anywhere else.”

A woman who gave her name only as Lystra said she enjoys Richard’s bake and shark because it is different from the others she has had before.

“I come down here with my main squeeze to relax and enjoy a good bake and shark.”

Lorraine, another customer, said it would have been useless coming all the way (to Maracas) if she didn’t pass by Richard to eat.

Asked about her favourite condiment, her children shouted: “ Mummy say the tamarind sauce, the tamarind sauce.”

The moment I sank my teeth into the float I could taste what the customers were talking about.

Unlike Lorraine’s children I couldn’t pick any one favourite condiment — I loved them all.
A Pang Restaurant

Call: 622-7212

Where: Royal Palm Plaza, 7 Saddle Road Maraval

Adam’s Bagels

Call: 622-2435

Where: 15A, Saddle Road Maraval


Classical Indian cuisine dishes.

Lunch between the hours 11am to 3pm and Dinner 6pm- 11pm

Call: 623-7659/ 627-7364

Where: Level 1, #13, Queen’s Park East, Port-of-Spain

Battimamzelle Restaurant

Caribbean and International Cuisines

Call: 621-0591

Where: Coblentz Inn, 44 Coblentz Avenue, Cascade

Bois Cano

Kapok Hotel’s Bistro and Bar located on the first floor of the hotel. It is open Monday - Saturday (except Public Holidays) Hours of operation are from 4:15pm - Midnight. Tuesdays and Thursdays - Afternoon Tea from 3:30pm - 6:00pm. Every Thursday - Wine and Jazz night from 7:45pm - The Ethnic Jazz Club and special weekly feature artists.

Call: 622-KPOK (5765)

Where: 16-18 Cotton Hill, St Clair

Botticelli’s Restaurant

International cuisine.

Open for lunch between 11am to 3pm and dinner between 3pm to 11pm.

Call: 645-8733

Where: City of Grand Bazaar, Valsayn

Buccaneers Beachbar & Grill

International Cuisine/ Seafood and Local Creole.

Live/Piped music. Lunch: 11am- 3pm. Dinner: 7pm-10pm.

Call: 639-0191

Where: Stonehaven Bay, Black Rock, Tobago.

Coral Reef Restaurant

Specialties in seafood and meats with caribbean flavours.

Experience the Hilton’s Robinson Crusoe pub and Palm Court lounge bar atmosphere after dinning.

Call: 660-8500

Where: Tobago Hilton, Tobago Plantations Resort Complex, Lowlands, Tobago

Cafe Coco

Tobago’s newest spectacular restaurant and bar.

Caribbean & seafood dishes

Call: 639-0996

Where: Store Bay, Local Road Tobago

D’ Bocas Restaurant

Caribbean Creole Cuisine

Call: 627-3474

Where: 15 Chacon Street, Port-of-Spain.

Imperial Garden

Local Chinese Cuisine

Call: 662-6971

Where: The City Of Grand Bazaar.


Greece, French and Arab dishes

Call: 622-5557

Where: 3A, Rookery Nook, Maraval, Port-of-Spain.

Kam Wah


Fine Dining, Take away, Casual dining, lunches and dinner. Live entertainment

Call: 628-8888

Where: 74-76, Maraval Road, Port-of-Spain.

Laughing Buddha

Japanese Cuisine

Call: 627-0100/ 623-0182

Where: 86, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain.

MeShell’s Restaurant

International Cuisine with a Caribbean flair

Call: 631-0353

Where: Corner Shirvan & Old Buccoo Roads.

And across from Richard’s...

Not too far away from Richard’s, one can find another famous bake and shark treat, Natalie’s Bake “N’ Shark.

Natalie, who partners with her husband Imasekha Festus (a Nigerian), was not present when the G-Spot crew visited, but met up with both her eager staff and husband.

We were even given a first hand demonstration on how a good, sturdy, golden float was prepared.

One worker said the flavour and golden crispy texture of the floats, comes with the brown sugar which is used to give the bake the golden colour. The oil, she added, must be the right amount and the heat must be at the right temperature, to get a good bake.

Where the shark is concerned, a lot of chadon beni, paramin seasonings and lime juice is used. Natalie’s also uses the black tip shark.

“Customers like their bake hot, right off the pot, so as soon as they come, we have the dough already prepared. It’s just to roll them out and put it to fry.”

For Natalie’s customers, condiments such as pineapple, tamarind sauce and grated mango are all time favourites.

“If we do not have that, they just turn back,” said one worker.

Festus makes the condiments as well as a tasty pepper sauce which he also sells to local supermarkets.

Sweet and Sour on the Look Out

Sweet and sour plums, pepper cherries, pineapple chow, mango chow, mango anchar, chinese mango, bubble gum, screamers, lollipop, cheese sticks. You name it and you can have it on your way to Maracas, on the look out.

Devika Singh, owner of Eden’s Sweet n Sour Hot Spot said preservatives are a fetish for most beach visitors.

“There is never a day that goes by when I do not get a sale,” a smiling Singh said.

She said before and after a trip to the beach, curious visitors flock her stall in anticipation to get a taste of what she terms as “ a must have”.

Singh’s business was established three years ago after she decided to “try a little something”, to bring in an income.

The small business which was named after her seventh-month-old baby girl, has been a successful one.

The lines were long the day the G-Spot team visited and the customers were anxiously awaiting to be attended to.

The screaming children were an indication that no way were they leaving without their favourite snack.

With the assistance from an unidentified worker, Singh was able to calm the rowdy crowd as they shouted their orders from the long lines and even from their cars.

“I accommodate for everybody’s taste buds, some like it sweet, some sour, some peppery and some in between,” Singh said.

Most of the preservatives sold at Eden’s are either bought wholesale from the Chinese shops or are homemade products.

“The mango and pineapple chow which are everybody’s favourite , were prepared by me,” she said with a proud look.

“Most of the foreigners especially enjoy the pineapple chow, I do not think they have tasted anything like that before.”

And what is more amazing, your favourite preservatives can cost you a mere 25 cents.

“Where can you get some of the most delightful treats for 25 cents?” Singh asked.

“No where else but up here. May I also add, I have sweet and stewed strawberries right here too” she said with a smile.
Backyard Restaurant

MORE INFO: A new restaurant in downtown. Happy hour on Fridays in the afterwork lime. Call 623-0866.

WheN: Everyday

TIME: 4pm - 5pm

Where: 19 Sackville St, Port-of-Spain

Fai’s Chinese Restaurant

MORE INFO: Dine-in or take away the best of Oriental cuisines. Special platter includes: Rice, chunky vegetables, shrimp in tomato sauce, char sue pork and chicken: $35. Delivery service also available.

WheN: Every day

TIME: 1pm-10pm

Where: 94, Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna

Soong’s Great Wall

MORE INFO: Dine in or take away. Nightly entertainment and Wednesday night lobster buffet. Open everyday including Sundays. Not opened this Friday.Daily specials Mondays to Thursdays. Lunch at noon, dinner at 6pm. Friday menu specials subject to change. Call 624-6267.

Call: 657-5050/ 652-WALL

Where: 97, Circular Road, San Fernando.

D’ Bocas Restaurant

MORE INFO: Every Tuesday - curry fish, bodi and plain rice. Wednesdays and Fridays - chinese style dishes. Call: 627- 3474

Where: 15, Chacon Street, Port-of-Spain


MORE INFO: A taste of Thailand Mondays, Viva Mexico Tuesdays, West Indian Cuisine Wednesday, Arabic Temptations Thursdays and East Indian Flavours Fridays. Call 697-1443.

WheN: Everyday

TIME: Noon - 2pm

Where: South Trunk Rd, La Romain, San Fernando

Golden Palace

MORE INFO: For exotic Chinese dishes. Every Wednesday: Family buffet, Thursdays: Steak night, Fridays: Live entertainment. Weekends: Bar night.

Call: 658-1660/6557

Where: Southern, Main Road, Marabella


MORE INFO: Culinary Specialty: Caribbean and International Cuisine

Starters: Choice of roasted beef soup, sour cream, pumpkin seeds and orange reduction; home-made saltfish buljol ‘Mimosa’, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions with lime vinaigrette or geera chicken skewers, cucumber-yoghurt salad, onion-raisin chutney, curry oil and cilantro-mint coulis. Three courses $150/2 courses $130.

Main courses: Choice of Rigatoni Bolognee Gratin, herb-tomato sauce, parmesano and pesto; bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, coo-coo cake, ratatouille creole and chipotle broth and pan-roasted snapper, pumpkin spaetzle, roasted pepper confit, wilted greens and garlic cream. desserts: Choice of Caramel Panna Cotta or Tuile cookies.

Call: 621-0591

Where: Coblentz Inn, 44 Coblentz Avenue, Cascade.

Valpark Chinese Restaurant

MORE INFO: Genuine Cantonese Cusine. Delight yourself in their scrumptious mouth-watering Omaha steaks. Warm and friendly staff awaits you. Chinese buffet every Wednesday evening and Sunday lunch. Live entertainment.

Call: 662-4540

Where: Valpark Shopping Plaza, Morequito Avenue, Valsayn

Ruby Tuesday

MORE INFO: Grilled and fried foods, this includes burgers, steak, ribs, chicken meals, sea foods, appetisers,

soups. Recently introduced: Smart Eating Programme. Foods fried only in Canola oil. “Serious Salad Bar”. Includes greens, vegetables, fruits, cheese, dressings, pastas.

WheN: Everyday

Cost: $50

Every Friday: 4pm -7pm, half price on all cocktails and mixed drinks.

Every Tuesday: Half price on all Angostura rum drinks.

This and Every Sunday: Kids eat free 12 years and under. Two kids per adult. Adults must purchase a main meal. Call 624-6566

Open Everyday for lunch and Dinner:

Time: 11am-11pm

Where: MovieTowne Boulevard, Invaders Bay

La Boucan Restaurant

MORE INFO: Specialises in Thai, Chinese, Grill and International cuisines. Buffet breakfast and Lunch every day except on Saturdays at the pool terrace.

Breakfast buffet Sunday to Sunday everyday of the week. Call 624-3211/3111 for reservations.

Where: Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre. Lady Young Road, Port-of-Spain.

Laughing Buddha

MORE INFO: Japanese Fine Cuisine. All this month, Lobster for dinner. Happy hour Monday-Friday from 3pm- 6pm. Call 627-0100.

TIME: 11.30am- till

Where: 86, Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain.

Yang’s Wok Chinese Restaurant

MORE INFO: Open kitchen in Chaguanas and St Augustine. Daily specials includes sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour chicken. Fried rice, fried chicken and chow mein. Choose between buffet and alacart menus.

Call: 672-3560 or 662-1227

TIME: Mon to Thurs - 10.30am- 10pm. Fri to Sat- 10.30am to 11pm. Open on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Golden City Chinese Restaurant

MORE INFO: Daily specials available everyday. Appetisers, soups, chicken, pork, steaks, beef and seafoods. Friendly and courteous staff awaits to serve you. Dine in or take away. Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10am- 10pm.

Call: 638-9622/23.



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