Sunday 20th February, 2005

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Woman’s world

“I ran for Congress two years ago and lost. I’m back again and this time, I'm going to kick butt and take numbers ...


Naima’s driving spirit

“Naima’s not my real name,” said the 37-year-old Rastafarian woman at her Glencoe apartment. Born Keitha Thompson, the petite woman said, “Naima was a self-chosen name during my Islamic quest...

From Navy brass to US Congress

Trinidadian Jennifer Carroll is the first black female Republican to be elected to the Florida House of Representatives...

Music is my first love

Vera Gupta, wife of the Indian High Commissioner to T&T, is a woman of many talents. Aside from her duties as a diplomat’s wife, she’s into yoga and paints on silks, but admits she really has a passion for music..

Skin SOS

The sun’s ultraviolet rays have the beneficial effect of synthesising vitamin D, providing warmth and treating some skin diseases, but too much sun can definitely do more harm than good in the long run...

Healthy acid-alkaline level

Balanced body chemistry pH is vital to immune health and disease correction. Our body has alkaline parts (like the blood) and acid parts (like the inside of the stomach), but when overall body chemistry is over-acid, we open up ourselves to many diseases...

Wind down a little

Now that you have exerted all that energy jumping up and enjoying yourself for Carnival, you need to wind down a little...

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