“ATTENTION” ARANGUEZ Educational Secondary registering full-time/ part-time forms 1-6, CXC repeaters, computer courses. #3 Coronation Street, 675-1129.

ADDITIONAL MATHS:- A-Level’s, O-Level’s. 790-4280/ 650-2278.

AIKIDO FOR SELF-DEFENCE. Classes offered. 623-7203/ 623-2368/ 675-1688

ATTENTION! ADVANCE and Basic courses now available in hair dressing, cutting, waving, colouring, nail technology, acrylic, tips, press-on, air-brushing and more. Register now 628-4777

AUTOCAD- SAN Fernando. Level-1 &Level-2. 30hrs each. $2,000.00 each. Autodesk Certified Instructor. Begins 28th February- 657-8694/ 730-5640.

AVIATION TRAINING at Delta Soft #6, Herbert Street, St Clair. 622-9969/ 628-2310

BASIC COMPUTER Repairs & Maintenance. San Fernando. 33hrs. $1,000.00. Begins- 1st March. 657-8694/ 730-5640.

CAT ARIMA,T7 &9. 664-1355

COMPUTER COURSES in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet. Also, Keyboarding for the computer and typewriting (all stages). Day and Evening classes. Individual attention., Comprehensive Business Training and Services, #16 Picton Street, Newtown, POS. 622-3225/ 622-7205

CXC MATHS 663-5892

DRESSMAKING AND Drapery Singer S/F’do. 760-1867.

ECONOMICS, MOB, SOCIOLOGY, POB. Presentation College /Southern Community College. (Cambridge & C.A.P.E.). 657-8611/ 784-9534.

FORMS 3&4 Spanish. 652-0306.

HUMAN/ S.BIOLOGY east/ south 667-8585



PRIVATE TUTORS- Maths, English, Geography, Sciences, S.E.A, O/A Level and North/South. Serious enquiries only . 759-6398

SPANISH CLASSES. Forms 3&4. Gulf View. 652-0306.

SPANISH FOR adults, Gulf View. 652-0306.

SPEEDWRITING SHORTHAND in 6 weeks. Free Preview. at 16 New-Street, Port-of-Spain. Contact Yvonne Bunsee. 672-2871 or 686-5348.

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