Sunday 3rd April, 2005

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I’m a survivor

The joys of being a woman sometimes lead to very painful experiences. Take for example, the fact that as women we have the reproductive capacity which allows us, with input from the male, of course, to bring new life into the world...


A new song in her heart

Tricia Lee Kelshall is a married woman. Yesterday, the songstress said “I do” to Ralph Bynoe, a cardiac engineer resident in the United States...

Winning the battle against breast cancer

Patricia Tikasingh believed her life was complete. She was married, bore three children and had realised one of her aspirations in life—to become a teacher...

The magic behind the moves

When you meet Georgina Gertrude Peterkin she affects you with an earthy allure that is completely disarming; a spirit so humble it is possible to not notice her. Except, her warmth draws you to her and there she reveals an innate beauty matching her very attractive physical features...

Dewy, matte, satin make-up

In make-up parlance, the word “dewy” is synonymous with moist and shiny. If you have seen this look in magazines, or have heard the term “dewy” used loosely enough to accept it as a trend, you should only consider this look if your skin type is normal to dry...

Is a vegetarian diet

Vegetarianism may be seen today as a practice of enlightenment, or an increased understanding of responsibility for mankind’s place on the Earth, perhaps even of higher consciousness....

Hip and thigh stretch

* Stand tall with your feet approximately two shoulder widths apart...

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