Sunday 24th April, 2005

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“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. —Walter Winchell

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A beautiful mind

“Whoever said ‘Sticks and stones can break my bones but words don’t hurt me,’ might have been deaf. Words can hurt.” This statement illicited laughter but returned me to that place of inner convictions about having a quiet and gentle spirit portrayed in metered speech and measured words...


Secret of a good life

She makes you smile, she makes you think. When Nancy Herrera speaks she’s serious and authoritative, yet you can’t help but smile at her candour and “matter-of-factness...

A positive spin on parenting

When Barbara King gave birth to her first child 12 years ago, she decided to find as much information as she could on parenting. She didn’t want to simply rely on tradition and old wives’ tales when it came to raising her child...

...The style is in the cut

Function and manageability are the beauty watchwords from top hairstylist Anthony Medina, director of Backstage For Hair, an upscale salon in Port-of-Spain....

Going nuts

Nuts are considered nature’s decadent energy food and contain all of the good things meats contain and more, but no saturated fat or cholesterol. A handful goes a long way, so why do some of us avoid nuts? If one has a nut allergy, avoidance is necessary and this applies to any food containing the slightest nut ingredient...

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