Sunday 3rd April, 2005

Candace Guppy
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Drive like a lady!

As I write, this there is a great deal of sadness within me. Death has crept into my circle once again. I abhor how death creeps upon us giving no warning or sign. We are not allowed to say any last words or do anything that can make a lasting impression.

People often ask, “If there was one thing you could do in your life, what would you do?” We have all sorts of ready answers to that—tour the world, visit Jerusalem, or really, really talk to our grandparents! But the thing is most of us never really get to do that one thing.

We either plan to do it when the time is right or we feel that we must wait until we’re old enough so that we would have no regrets. Then death laughs at us, snatching the possibility from us.

The way T&T is going right now, my suggestion is that whatever is your greatest dream, just do it. You never know when they’re going to get you. You could be going to buy some bread at the exact moment that the police happen to be involved in a shootout, and you know what? You and your bread get some bullets and that’s it.

You feel desperate for some peewah, so you stop on the highway to get some. A truck comes crashing into your car, and kills your family while you stand there helplessly with peewah in hand.

It’s both crazy and strange how things happen without warning. You could have just been driving to “kill some time” and you know what? It ends up killing you. At these times we wonder, where is the Lord? Wasn’t he watching? Didn’t he know that I had to go out? Didn’t he think my mother would want to see me again? Didn’t he see that I was right, and that it was the other person at fault?

We tend to blame the Lord for everything, when He really is the only one to help us. Not to help us forget but to help us to remember the good things. He is the only one who can help us to remember that we must drive to stay alive!

The campaign, “Arrive Alive” doesn’t seem to be making anyone want to do that. It appears that no one is slowing down and many others are either driving drunk or sleepy. It doesn’t seem to make people want to be courteous on the road either. It is just not working—until you see your son or your best friend in a coffin.

I plead for our nation’s drivers to drive safely. It’s never too late or you’re never too young or too old to do the right thing. If you can’t drive safely, then drive “like a lady” if you must. Your friends might laugh at you, tell you to go faster, but those are the same ones who will cry at your funeral.

Those are the same ones who will have to carry the weight of your coffin in their hands and the weight of your death in their hearts.

Death has taught me a lot of things, the lessons were sudden but they were well appreciated. I have now learnt to cherish my friends, hold them dear. They will make your life much more bearable. Don’t ever be afraid to say what you mean or to say it at all. There is never ever going to be a right time. Live and love like there is no tomorrow, but don’t spend all your money.

You’re never going to have time to tell that girl you loved her or tell your best friend she’s the greatest. If you stop talking to a friend, say sorry and move on. There really is no time on earth for enemies. I’m sure when someone dies, there is at least one person who regrets “not talking” to or “bad talking” the person.

Drive safely and live!

RIP Chadel Boodramsingh,

December 10, 1983—March 25, 2005. We’ll miss you.

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