Thursday 28th April 2005


For less than the cost of a stamp, Teleios perfects art of messaging

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Ronald Hinds, left, managing director of Teleios Systems Ltd and Kevin Khelawan, the company’s director of systems development, at their office on Maraval Road, Newtown.


For cross-listed companies like Guardian Holdings and Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL), it makes sense to have a company like Teleios Systems Ltd in its employ.

For the last four years, TCL has released its annual results throughout the Caribbean in a simultaneous session in a chat format through Teleios.

“TCL chose a format where everyone in the world can participate in that session,” said Ronald Hinds, Teleios’ managing director. “No investor had undue advantage.”

This, coming from a company that software giant Microsoft Corp has recognised as the first Microsoft-certified independent software vendor (ISV) in T&T, and the second in the Caribbean.

George Gobin, territory manager of Microsoft West Indies, said, “Teleios has shown that they possess the real world skills, the right people, knowledge of the technology, and the ability to develop and maintain great corporate software applications on our platform. This ranks them highly among software development companies in our region.”

Hinds said Teleios received the certification after Microsoft successfully tested and verified its MessageCentral Platform software as supporting Microsoft’s Windows 2003 Server.

MessageCentral, Hinds said, is the engine for TSTT’s Lingo InfoText and Text2Win services as well as other third party SMS services.

Hinds, who said Teleios is Greek for “perfected,” added that the company is focused on technology solutions, especially Web solutions.

“Messaging is now a fairly significant part of our business,” said Hinds, in an interview on Monday at Teleios’ Maraval Road, Newtown office.

Among Teleios’ high-end clients have been TV6’s hit-it-for-six and Coca-Cola proof-of-purchase promotions, Gayelle The Channel, TCL, Grace, Kennedy and TSTT.

Teleios, for instance, managed for TSTT the people’s choice award during the Calypso Monarch competition.

“We have people available at critical times,” said Kevin Khelawan, director of systems development.

For TCL, using appropriate technology to get information simultaneously out to investors and analysts saves that company’s managers’ time and money, Hinds said.

Added to which, travelling to a minimum of two territories for meetings takes three days. The cost of travelling to the Caribbean, staying at a hotel, ground transport and meals outweighs using the Internet to release information, Hinds said.

Hinds said two years ago, Teleios recorded First Caribbean International Bank’s (FCIB) annual general meeting, which included an address by its executives and a question and answer session. These were placed on FCIB’s Web site.

“We think of ourselves as a solutions provider,” Hinds said.

Regarding Coca-Cola’s proof-of-purchase promotion, Khelawan said, “It’s a lot easier for somebody to respond to the proof-of-purchase promotion that Coca-Cola had than it is to remember to take it to a box in a supermarket.”

Asked what was the cost of messaging, Hinds said, “It’s much cheaper than a stamp. We haven’t used any messaging that costs as much as a stamp. Appropriate technology very often costs less.”

Teleios was formed eight years ago by Hinds, Khelawan and Bevil Wooding. Khelawan has a degree in data processing from Barry University in Miami, and Wooding in computer science from the UWI. Hinds is self-taught.

The company plans to move its operations from Maraval Road to Alexandra Street, St Clair by July. Khelawan said they plan to retain a base at Maraval Road for research purposes.

Hinds said Teleios is always working on at least one project that is not likely to earn income for years. He started to talk about a government-related project, but stopped short of giving details.

“We’re working on a range of applications to run on MessageCentral,” Hinds said. “We’re working on a set of services that probably won’t see the light of day before the beginning of next year.”




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