#1 PHONICS C.D.’S. Improves reading. 792-0260

“ATTENTION” ARANGUEZ Educational Secondary registering full-time/ part-time forms 1-6, CXC repeaters, computer courses. #3 Coronation Street, 675-1129.


Study in Europe.
Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia. Low rates,
renowned recognition.
687-6608, fax: 694-1457. e-mail:
[email protected]

ADDITIONAL MATHS:- A-Level’s, O-Level’s. 790-4280/ 650-2278.

AFTER WORK and Day Classes. English, Maths, Human and Social Biology (Jan. and June 2006 exams). Typing, Shorthand, Computer Literacy- Beg. and Adv. 78 High Street, San Fernando 653-9795. 38 Independence Sq. Port of Spain 623-1386. Modern Business School.

AIKIDO FOR SELF-DEFENCE. Classes offered. 623-7203/ 623-2368/ 675-1688

AT MODERN BUSINESS SCHOOL CXC Courses for Jan. and June 2006 exams. English, Maths, H.S.B., POB, OP, Social Studies, Info. Tec., POA, Physics, Chemistry, Computer courses, secretarial courses, cashiering, typewriting, shorthand, etc. Full time- day, after work classes. New term. #78 High Street, San Fernando- 653-9795, #38 Independence Square, Port of Spain. 623-1386. SEE US TODAY!


BEAUTY THERAPY Training! Skin care/ Body treatments/ Massages. Become a Professional Make-up Artist- The Institute of Aesthetics & Beauty Therapy. The Face and Body Clinic Limited. Crown Plaza Hotel. Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain. 625-6055/ 625-6518. Cross Crossing Shopping Plaza, Cross Crossing, San Fernando. 657-8953/ 653-8329.

CXC MATHS. San Fernando. Nisha- 795-2162.

DRESSMAKING AND Drapery Singer S/F’do. 760-1867.

EXPERT TUITION in Composition Writing Skills. Saturdays 10- 12. 682-9283

GENERAL PAPER, Carribean Studies. Ex. C.I.C. Teacher. 674-9439

HUMAN/ S.BIOLOGY east/ south 667-8585

MASSAGE COURSE. $400. 8 weeks. Internationally recognised UK Certificate .642-3914

MATHS, ENGLISH. GEOGRAPHY, Integrated Science. Forms 3,4.5.784-8798

MICHAEL & GLORIA Salon & School. Registration for classes has begun. Call: 625-8782



NANDI’S NAIL Design’s Shop #206 Carlton Link Mall, Carlton Centre. Now offering 6 weeks Practical Nail courses. Flexible payments, all materials provided. Contact: Nandi at 799-3747 or 657-1923.

PRIVATE TUITION O’Level Economics. 749-2988 after 6pm.

SAT I and SAT II Mathematics, Physics. Introductory class free. 622-0756/ 776-4620/ 632-5933

SCUBA DIVING,* 94-765-0750; *94-751-0790

SEA CREATIVE Writing POS, 722-3818/ 623-5097.

SPEEDWRITING SHORTHAND in 6 weeks!. Free Preview. at 16 New-Street, Port-of-Spain. Contact Yvonne Bunsee. 672-2871 or 686-5348.

TAI CHI Institute Ltd. 688-7010/ 645-8396.

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