Flowers & Plants

ANN’S DURANTAS, Ixoras. $3.00. 655-5801/ 757-4233.

ARENA NURSERIES, landscaping and plants. 673-0406

AZ’ZAHARA GARDEN Centre, CRH. 662-8889

BEAUTIFUL FLOWERING Phalaenopsis orchid plants now available. 632-2069


ELL’S HOME Garden Nursery. Houseplants and ficus, etc. 663-3631 Tunapuna.

PLANT RENTAL for functions. 754-9669

PLANTS FOR SALE- FOLIAGE DESIGN. Hibrid croton, Medelina, Blue Ginger, Hibrid Ginger, Heliconia, Persian Schield Blue, Yellow, Peach Iris, Hydranger, Colourful Ground Covers, Bedding Plants, Shrubs, Trees and Plams. Open Monday- Saturday 8am to 4pm. Sundays and Public holidays 8am- 2pm. La Saggesse Road, Upper Santa Cruz. 676-8752. Webesite:

PLANTS RENTAL, lawn maintenance. 637-7064/ 683-1292/ 784-0585

RAMCAL & Company- monthly rental: office plants. 679-4431.

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