Thursday 28th April 2005

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The black Nazi mindset

“Christian Mouttet, accept your duty. Your country needs you. Get Larry Howai and a small group together to implement projects to change the 2020 mindset guiding both PNM and UNC politicians. Each hired the Jamaat to mobilise the ghetto against the other party, ignoring ancient wisdom: when you plan to ride a tiger know how to get off before you get on.

“Mr Manning’s promise to beat prisoners in jail (to bleed their bottoms?), or “who don’t hear will feel” is theatrical, entertainment for PNM Hutu devotees,” Victoria mused, responding to the shock of eminent and honourable businessmen, alarmed because pedestrians were lucky to escape random killing during the noon execution by bullet to the brain in Port-of-Spain.

“Businessmen put Hitler in power. They shared his racist views: Germany’s problems were Jews. A political financer said, ‘Only race can get rid of UNC. We must talk race, and the million pounds in the wife’s account in London.’ Some businessmen think Trinidad’s problems are Indians. Will they begin to think about the PNM manipulation of ignorance and illiteracy?” she insisted. “That is the best explanation for the gangs, and the daily black on black killings, not race.”

“Ignorance is not a Panorama flag or a panstick, how can PNM manipulate it?” Sunil asked.

“Mr Manning wants every schoolchild to beat pan. Pan in schools will create more musically dumb pan beaters, not musicians. That is how ignorance is manipulated. Imagine those children with a violin to play with, instead of a gun? Children need music theory, history, playing technique for all instruments, and pan must be one of the instruments. They do not need a black Nazi, racist indoctrination.

“Music is a global multi-billion dollar industry: voice, strings, percussion, winds, performance, event planning and management, tours, films, recording, education, research, technology, engineering, millions of income-earning opportunities. PNM Nazis imprison black youth in dead end dotishness, 2020 mindset: pan in schools.

“Is Mouttet thinking about how the PNM Nazi mindset traps ghetto in a culture of slaveyard narrowness—sex, fete, brands? Howai’s literate children may be learning oboe and violin to develop broadmindedness, discipline and character? I not sure ’bout the Nazi thing I hear you say. I is a’ Indian. Proud of me race.”

“Sunil, emancipate yourself from race rubbish preached by Maha Sabha misleaders. There is no Hindu race. Indian is a status of citizenship, not a race. India is the mother of douglarisation. Hindu facial features is a Hindu-Nazi desire.

“Howai and Mouttet must think about how the media indoctrinate children to believe a European myth: race, while our National Anthem promotes ignorance (‘here every creed and race’) and bad English.

“Indian racists say everything was invented in India. African racists say Africans did it. Give them our classrooms and you must have war. Nazi ideas are in Hansard: PNM blacks defending ‘African race’ and keratin strands growing from hair follicles in skin on their skulls as race statement.

“They believe their behaviour is linked to their skin colour and hair, just like Nazis, who said, ‘all human culture is the product of one race; racial marriage laws are necessary; racial superiority is a law of nature; people must be evaluated on the basis of their race; we have to carry on the racial struggle without mercy; there are no revolutions except racial revolutions.’

“PNM black elite and Maha Sabha Hindus protecting Hindu facial features by denouncing douglas must explain how their idea of race pride differs from Hitler’s.

“Ken Gordon’s principles of fairness will not save Trinidad from careening down the road to another Congo, despite the inflood of billions, while political leaders mobilise ignorance with Nazi race talk. Ghetto crime has a provenance in Nazi ideas and throwing away money to buy votes.

“Hitler’s ideas and the prophets of black power, itself a version of negritude, which is mimicry of European romantic nationalism, explain Mr Manning’s destruction of Dr Job’s music project. The Manning state is a black power 2020 mindset, antithetical to Dr Job’s 2020 vision of eclecticism, inclusion, teaching sitar in Laventille and pan in Caroni. It is a failed state that imposes community leaders as role models for illiterate black youth.

“Remember Mark Guerra in every picture next to Manning in Laventille. Gangs do not impose death penalty in an ordered state, the pre-eminent power within defined borders. That state is a set of institutions imposing its monopoly of violence and taxation within its territory, sanctioned by law. Kidnapping is illegally taxing Indians. A religious sect is a state within the failed PNM state.

“When UNC and then PNM ceded state power to a religious organisation, they criminalised the State, destroyed it in ghetto minds. There is no border between the police, the narco empire and a religious organisation. Mouttet and Howai must study the link between politicians and crime as fiscal policy (safety nets?).

“Mr Manning is daft to assert that only drugs explains the police’s impotence, where PNM community leaders control the population by terror, threats, or raw violence. Mediocrities and incompetents run the Manning state unaware of their role in a system of illegal transfers in a new criminal economy.

“Globalised crime penetrates and destabilises states by taking over politics. Many cabinets are fronts for the local Mafia, Chinese Triad, or Yakuza. The Japanese ministry of construction was considered to be a joint company of LDP politicians and criminals.

“Panday must be removed as leader of UNC. The business community must start to analyse more, and focus less on using media to preach race or business as feeding from PNM trough. Trinidad needs businessmen, not supporters of a 2020 black Nazi mindset,” she insisted.






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