Sunday 1st May, 2005


Forest combed, but no trace of little Neisha

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Worried friends and relatives of kidnapped nine-year-old Neisha Seetaram combed the Tabaquite forest yesterday, searching for clues that may lead to the girl’s rescue.

Her frantic father Ishwarlal Seetaram said the search was unsuccessful, since they found not even a trace of his daughter.

Neisha was snatched around 7.15 on Wednesday evening at her uncle’s Tabaquite home.

The Tabaquite Presbyterian school student was sitting at a table doing homework, when three armed men dressed in camouflage army clothes stormed into the house.

The men asked for her uncle Winston, but snatched her instead.

Yesterday, her father begged for his daughter’s safe return.

“I want them to let her go. I don’t know if she eating, sleeping or bathing. I hope they are not torturing her or doing her anything,” he sobbed.

Ishwarlal reissued his call for the release of a national security helicopter to help search the area for the missing girl.

The part-time labourer is calling on Minister of National Security Martin Joseph to deploy police to search for his missing child.

“She is my only girl.”

He said the family had not received any calls from the kidnappers since Thursday night.

Police sources said Neisha’s kidnappers had demanded a $500,000 ransom for her safe release.

But Ishwarlal denied that any ransom demand was made on Thursday.

“So far, they have not called us. I don’t know if they have she in a house or in a hole. The police have nothing yet; no clues,” he said.

The brutal murder of missing Siparia teenager Radha Pixie Lachkan, whose remains were found in a shallow grave a short distance from her Quarry Village, Siparia home, adds to the worry of the Seetaram family.

“But we trying not to think of that. We thinking God will send her back to us alive, whole and well. We praying and hoping they let her go and don’t harm her,” said Ishwarlal.

He said his wife Marjorie Marchand was not doing well since their daughter’s kidnapping.

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