Thursday 21st April 2005

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During Ramnavmi celebration

Kendra launches Baal Ramdilla 2005

The Hindu Prachar Kendra celebrated Ramnavmi—the birth of Lord Rama—a midday festival, on April 17. The event was held on the premises of the Kendra at Raghunanan Road, Enterprise, to celebrate Bhagwaan Shri Rama, the Seventh Divine Descent or Avataar of Lord Vishnu.

The event was celebrated with ceremonies, reenactments and Jhoolay de Palana (rocking the cradle). Nikhil, just four months of age, played Baby Rama and his parents, Uttam and Kelley

Maharaj, portrayed Dasharatha and Kowshalya. The compound was decorated as a palace and all participants were addressed as citizens of the ancient city of Ayodhya in North India, the birth place of Shri Rama.

Chairman of the National Ramnavmi Committee, Sevikaa Mayavatti

Maharaj (Maya Ji). said: “We are attempting to promote Ramnavmi as a midday festival.

“We call on all Hindus to celebrate the sacred occasion on the correct time on the correct day. Rama and

Ramayana play a central role in the beliefs and values of all Hindus. It is important that we dedicate the time and devotion for the Lord’s Birthday, not withstanding whether our calender caters for it or not.”

The event also afforded the opportunity to launch Baal Ramdilla, a ten-day open-air faith theatre. Maya Ji explained: “There are two Navraatams—Nine Nights of the Divine Mothers in the Hindu Calender. Ramnavmi, at the end of the first Navratam is a thread to Vijay Dashmi at the end of the second Navratam when Ramdilla is performed. At the end of the second Navraatam Rama fulfills his mission to destroy Ravana on Vijaydashmi.”

The destruction of Ravan by Bhagvan Rama is the culmination and highlight of Ramdilla. It brings to a close the Durga Poojaa season. The launching of Ramdilla alerts the community to begin planning for the large scale Ramdilla performances which will be held from October 3-12.


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