Wednesday 22nd June, 2005


Little Dwight set to repeat history

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Little Dwight Yorke traps the football during a practice session.

Happy to show-off his ball control skills


Down through the ages, history has tended to repeat itself. Napoleon, the European imperialist, saw his unstoppable armies defeated by Russian forces, as did Hitler two centuries later.

Iraq was invaded twice within the space of a dozen years by an American President named George Bush, and the great Brian Lara broke the world record on an April afternoon against the English in St. John’s, Antigua on two separate occasions.

To this list of coincidences, we should soon add the second coming of a young T&T footballer named Dwight Yorke.

Four-year-old Dwight Yorke of Arima or “Little” Dwight Yorke as he is known as by his admirers along the East-West Corridor hopes to become the next big thing in local football.

Dwight has been playing since he started walking not too long ago and has taken to the game quite naturally.

Those who have seen him in action are amazed at his natural ability and feel that he is destined to follow in the footsteps of his celebrated namesake.

He practises with his dad, Ian, two hours a day and has already developed skills in heading, scooping and shooting at goal. His heroes in football are his namesake “Big” Dwight Yorke and David Beckham.

His father, Ian, plans to send him to a coaching school when he reaches the age of five which is a distant 10 months from now — a regulation that has been the cause for much frustration.

In his spare time, Dwight also loves going to football games where he picks up new moves which he will try out the next day. In twenty years or so, we are likely to experience the wrath of this boy wonder.

“The world has to watch out!” says Ian.

Little Dwight Yorke is armed with his full football kit and his personal coach, his Dad Ian.

Photos: nicholas clarke

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