Thursday 23rd June, 2005

Philip G Rochford
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Using passion for success

“If the dreams of your life are worth living, then live those dreams rigorously and passionately.”

—Philip G Rochford

Shift yourself

Move from a life of dreaming and thinking to a life of passion and action. You lack the drive that only a compelling future can provide.

What is a compelling future? It is a life that you design with such great significance and powerful reasons to achieve, that you are compelled to be intentional and pursue your goals relentlessly.

You need to create energy and passion for what you want to achieve. Having passion will give you continuous renewed inspiration to follow your dreams and be unstoppable in their fulfilment.

A major factor in activating your passion is the expansion of your imagination and a commitment to be persistent in its achievement.

To sustain your passion for life, you must have big enough goals to excite you and a time horizon that stretches you. Additionally, you must review your goals at least twice every day.

If your goals are properly set, reviewing them regularly will energise you. Regular review puts focus on your intentions. The intention will trigger attention, and what you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.

Awake excited

How do you get out of bed in the mornings? Do you arise with excitement and joy to face the new day? Or do you dread facing what is ahead of you that day? Get a vibrant life. Live with passion!

How are you going to change your dull, daily routine into something that fills you with excitement and passion?

The first requirement is that you must have an attitude that propels you to exclaim as you awake on mornings, “My life has wonderful possibilities, how great it is to be alive.”

Attitude is an important element to turn on your passion. Master your attitude and you master your life. Your attitude is determined by the manner in which you respond to circumstances.

Whatever the event, you can view it in such a way that it supports you to go forward rather than place a block in your way. This is possible since the worst situation must have some element that can be viewed positively.

One approach to maintaining an empowering attitude is to ask yourself empowering questions such as:

What is great about this? When at age 60 I retired from the bank as chairman and managing director, I mused, “What is great about this?” On reflecting, I glimpsed the opportunity to pioneer the personal success coaching industry in T&T.

Further, I saw the possibility of putting more attention on releasing the potential and greatness in individuals rather than building institutions as I had done for 40 years previously.

What can I learn from this? Knowledge is increasing everyday. We are in the learning revolution. Be a commitment to learn from every situation. It may simply be how not to make that same mistake again.

What do I need to change to accomplish what I want? If you want to get a different result to what is happening now, you have to change the action that you took in the immediate past that produced the unwanted result. If you take the same old action, you will get the same old outcome.

The three questions

To determine whether your attitude generates passion in your life, you must ask yourself these three questions:

Is the routine of my day simply what I am forced to do to survive?

Is there anything in my daily routine that I enjoy doing?

What would I really like to be doing with my life?

You must let your daily routine bring joy to your life. Passion in your life requires you to do things that you enjoy doing, have the skills to do and it provides some comfort or value to others.

You have to earn a living so your whole day may not be available to pursue your heart’s desire. However, all that is necessary is one small area in which to exercise your passion and this will blossom your whole life.

Small changes can produce powerful results. Remember that a little salt makes a big difference to the taste of the food. Clarify what you want to do with your life.

One small step

To make this small step of passion, find something that excites you and go for it. It may be one small step but it will bridge the gulf of discontent, apathy and lethargy. Simply ensure that you look hard and deep enough to find something that will excite you and give you joy so that you can be alive again.

So what is your next step? Start dreaming again. What do you want out of life? What will make you happy?

There are lots of things you will like to happen but you do not have control over them. The key to a successful life and one of passion is to attempt control only over the things you have absolute power over.

The only thing you have control and power over is yourself. You can change your thoughts. Think of what you want, take control of your thoughts and relentlessly pursue the appropriate action to be living with passion.

So how can your passion be nurtured and developed? One process is to get a coach or mentor to help you apply the technology that creates a compelling future. Why not reduce the trauma associated with success?

Remember that there is no success without passing through the throes of “failure” or disappointments. Get someone who has travelled the road you want to follow. The coach or mentor already knows the pitfalls and bulwarks of your intended life’s journey.

Commit to a compelling future for your life. If the dreams of your life are worth living, then live those dreams rigorously and passionately.

Why not decide to take hold of your future now? Call a motivational coach or mentor today and commit to the new you.

Call 633-7856 to identify and achieve your goals and visit


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