Wednesday 20th July, 2005

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World Youth Netball Championships

Netgirls chase youth title

The World Youth Netball Championships will be hosted in the United States of America — the first time a major international netball event will take place in the USA...



A West Indies team of Australians

Sri Lanka had just beaten West Indies in the first Test match of the current series when everyone who took part in the match were presented with commemorative medals. What a pity this was the match in which some players who had no real claim to wear the maroon were involved!

The Spalksman with Anil Roberts - Tony Coward

West Indies senior cricket team manager Tony Howard was recently sent on a mission which undermined the very players he was hired to protect, nurture, advise, counsel, motivate and support...

Other Sports

King gives T&T reason to smile

T&T junior teams did no better or worse than their last outing in the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Fifth Junior Championships...

Splendid play on the tennis courts

Vincent Pereira, president of T&T Tennis Federation, was pleased with the performance of the players in the just-concluded Evian National Championships which ended on the Public Courts in Port of Spain on Saturday....

Double Rooks with Carl Jacobs - Chess: Where are the records?

A picture hangs on the wall of the T&T Chess Foundation’s Centre on Brabant Street, Woodbrook, that cries out in vain for a thousand words. The photograph of six members of the Pan-Caissan Chess Club, founded on September 14, 1922, speaks for itself, but it also presents such a fascinating snapshot of the early history of chess in T&T that it stimulates a desire for the bigger picture that, unfortunately, will never be satisfied...

Par for the course

World class course in making

Most people reading this article may never have heard the name. Some of the most avid followers of golf might be familiar with his name or, at least, his work...

Bicycle Spokesman with Michael Phillips

More challenges for local riders

For the average individual, the thought of pedalling a bicycle for 100 miles in a single ride seems a daunting task...




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