Thursday 21st July 2005

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‘St Clair will become like Charlotte Street’

Homes in St Clair are dwarfed by the size and cost of their commercial neighbours: Briar Place on Sweet Briar Road, Kam Wah Chinese Restaurant on Maraval Road and British Gas on St Clair Avenue...

BG View from the Editor

Transparency needed

I was particularly pleased that the chairman of the Cricket World Cup (CWC) board, Barbadian businessman Rawle Brancker, went out of his way at the gala breakfast launch of the World Cup logo and mascot on Tuesday to emphasise his board’s commitment to transparency...

Mixed Assets

Pollution causes cancer

Last week, the Business Guardian published a letter from anti-smelter activist Ishmael Samad presenting what he claimed was scientific evidence that aluminium smelters were dangerous to the health of surrounding communities...


Sagicor unveils new medical plan

Have you ever been treated or diagnosed with any form of cancer or have you been told that a current condition may be cancerous?

Cement prices may rise again

From as early as the end of July, cement prices could once again go up if Trinidad Cement Ltd does not get a reduction in natural gas prices...

Shipping rates rise again

An impending hike in shipping rates still has exporters jumpy but increases have become almost commonplace over the past few months...

Citibank underwrites TSTT’s $1b bond

Majority state-owned TSTT floated a $1 billion bond last month in order to raise money for its network upgrade...


Making a profit through call centres

Size and scale are key

Hundreds of Sprint customers call their customer service departments to complain, rarely compliment, everyday...


High Court - When company goes into receivership...

Directors still have duties

In January 2005, RBTT appointed Victor Herde as the receiver manager of Reed Monza and two of its subsidiaries pursuant to its powers under debentures granted by them...


The new oil tax regime

Taxation or expropriation?

The recently released Finance Bill 2005 contains proposals to amend the tax regime in a number of significant ways...

Commentary and Analysis

Latin America shows no concern for Caribbean

On July 7, seven Latin American countries held a meeting in Costa Rica in which they showed no concern for the calamitous effect on Caricom economies of a further loss of their preferential market in the European Union (EU) for bananas...

Impairment of assets

Does your entity have goodwill or intangible assets in its financial statements? Or does your entity have assets on its books, or operations to which an asset belongs where there is any evidence of the following...

Brazil to repay IMF ahead of time

On July 15, the Central Bank reopened the Government of T&T ten-year fixed rate bonds. The bonds were originally issued on May 24 to raise $400 million for the purpose of refinancing existing high cost of debt. The Central Bank will auction the bonds using the single price auction system from July 15-20...

Proposed Eastern Caribbean gas pipeline: Promoting integration

The issue of Caribbean energy policy has been placed firmly in the spotlight by the signature by most Caricom countries of the Petro Caribe agreement with Venezuela...

Calming frayed nerves

The events of last week were tumultuous to say the least so much so that the need for information even affected TSTT’s GSM cellular service...

Junior Achievement Programme

Arousing the creative spirit of youth

With an estimated one billion young people in the world today between 15 and 25 years of age, there is cause for great concern as recent global surveys suggest that more than 80 per cent of the unemployed are between the ages of 15 and 34...

T&T’s Animal Farm

Here’s a question: If you live in T&T and want a day off without interfering with your holidays, and have no sick leave, what do you do?




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