Tuesday 26th July, 2005


Pastor Clive Dottin

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Pastor Clive Dottin

Nearing 200: A time to reflect

”Chaos is a state in which chance is supreme; a state of utter confusion. This implies a wanting in order, sequence, organisation, or predictable operation, causing things to be completely confused or disordered.”

—Webster’s New Collegiate DictionaryI read with great interest what the Prime Minister said as the PNM rejoiced and celebrated their victory in the by-election on July 18.

He said “the days of defeat for the PNM at the polls have come to an end.”

The UNC and NAR might have laughed at this statement, but in the midst of the laughter it should have created earthquaking tremors in the opposition camp.

This statement has profound implications for the practice of democracy and the preservation of human rights. Of course, politicians in power love to boast about the invincibility of their party.

However, when one is so confident about the outcome of future elections, then citizens must be very careful about the possibility of the passage of draconian legislation, the refusal to hear the cries of the working poor, the attempts to control the judiciary, the politicising of the police force, etc, etc.

Why? Well, you are dealing with the carnal nature of humanity. A fundamental factor in the nature of the political heart is selfishness. Consequently, one has to hold on to power at all costs.

Now, if there is a credible threat to a dynasty, if the opposition appears united and people are convinced that it can and will do a better job as managers of the nation’s assets, than a government will think twice before it embarks on a certain journey.

But the various opposition camps are giving concerned citizens a nagging headache. They seem to lack a coherent, positive and dynamic approach to the problems of the country.

There must be a vision that has to be articulated in a professional and profound manner, that will cut across traditional ethnic, religious and class barriers. Therefore, the framers of that vision must be able to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Listen, let us be honest and frank. It is not easy to govern a plural society where the critical institutions have been victims of nepotism, incompetence and a heavy degree of discrimination.

When you add the spiritual and social dimension, when you examine the collapse of the family and the irresponsibility of thousands of fathers, then you could be frustrated and just move with the tide.

Those of us who have been engaged in the fight against crime feel the level of fear that is escalating on a daily basis. Look at the latest kidnapping victim. The brutality of these monsters should motivate us and serve as a catalyst to unite the nation in the struggle against crime. But alas! This is not the case.

What is horribly shocking is that the tragedy that has descended upon this nation is being used by some people as an excuse to become more rigidly planted in their myopic boxes. This is a greater tragedy!

We still want to have national prayer services and leave out significant sections of the nation. Paradox indeed! Those in the box cannot see that what should be a significant spiritual weapon is being perceived as an agent of discrimination.

This is a classic case of an asset being turned into a liability. Division! Division! Division! We are afraid and many citizens are downright intimidated as the mafiatic octopus spreads over our nation.

When the kidnappers of real estate agent Gopaul could play a recording of the torture they inflicted upon their victim, then people must tremble. Their wickedness is increasing, while our courage is decreasing!

But we cannot and should not remain in this state of “psychological rigor mortis.” It is either that we do something or we roll over and die and allow the moronic terrorists to conduct the burials.

These kidnappers asked for money. They called the family. Gopaul’s voice was heard. This guy who must have seen the end approaching said: “Don’t tell the police...get the money.” The autopsy revealed that the death was slow and painful.

There are citizens who rejoice when these things happen because they believe that the victims belong to the opposing political party, because they belong to the next race and the opposing religion. Listen to this dangerous, Hitleritic type of reasoning. If this continues, there is absolutely no hope for this nation.

This philosophical, destructive cancer is experiencing metastasis. It is spreading like an ugly tornado, producing twisted wrecks and discouraged citizens who are on the brink of leaving the country or joining a radical group who believe that they must throw caution to the wind.

Where are we going and what do we expect when we reach our final destination?

But let us not ignore the fact of the existence of sheer hypocrisy that is hurting the fight against crime.

Many of us believe that the business community must speak out against crime. The members of this community are victims of the terrorists, drug lords and other undesirable characters. But they must also be honest and consistent in their approach.

What do I mean?

If you sleep with the beast, and the beast is a well-known mercenary, then you have to keep feeding, caressing and paying the beast. You cannot suddenly tell the beast to leave your bed, give it its last meal and then expect the beast to leave as he sheds some tears. No beast operates that way.

Beasts do not love hypocrisy. There are real estate beasts, kidnapping beasts, narcotic beasts, gambling beasts, political beasts, small business beasts, security beasts, etc.

You cannot sleep with the beast in the night and call on the politicians in the day to destroy the beast. The beast will plan to destroy you.

Now is the time for honesty, not hypocrisy. We will fly past 200 murders in record-breaking time. We have lost enough. Now is the time to reflect. Please remember Psalm 46:1-4:

1. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

2. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;

3. Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.

4. There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the Most High.





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