Sunday 7th August, 2005

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Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. —Victor Hugo

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Breaking the silence

WomanWise condemns, in the strongest manner, any form of abuse against children. Especially sexual abuse. Worse, when it is done in the confines of the home, by those who are supposed to protect and nurture them...


Rotary prez eyes the big stuff

When it comes to networking, Lara Quentrall-Thomas is one woman who understands how important such an activity can be. Founder and managing director of Regency Recruitment, Quentrall-Thomas learnt very early that to be successful in business one must network...

Sushilla Cheng — business woman and queen-maker

A born leader, motivator and queen-maker, Sushilla Cheng’s intuitiveness is her strength. From her early childhood, Cheng mapped out a path for her life, a path which has only led her down the road of success...

Savita Beatrice targets gold at Olympics 2008

Ace rifle shooter Savita Beatrice is aiming for gold at the Beijing Olympics 2008. After winning numerous medals at national competitions, this Santa Cruz woman became the first and only local woman to win a (bronze) medal in the 20th Copa...

Big Issue

Breast is best

Both mother and baby can reap tremendous benefits from breast-feeding. In recent times, however, not many women have chosen to take advantage of those benefits fearing that their breast may sag or claiming that it’s not convenient...


M.A.C viva glam

M.A.C is finally here! The internationally popular cosmetic titan made its Caribbean debut on July 1 and Trinidad and Tobago was first to welcome to its shores the exclusive cosmetic brand housed at West Mall in Port-of-Spain...

That ‘bad’ or ‘stupid’ schoolchild

I know a parent whose child is in the process of having an educational assessment. This parent insists that the child is doing well in the assessment and doesn’t need to be tested. The testing is continuing at the insistence of the child’s teachers...

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