Thursday 11th August, 2005

Philip G Rochford
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Speak your visions for success

“Be clear about the result you want in life and skilfully communicate to others to manifest it.”

—Philip G Rochford

Pillars of success

Establishing your vision is a key element in your success. You need to know where you are going in life. You also need to speak your vision so that others can help you accomplish it.

I have published two companion books to support the efforts of people keen on designing compelling futures. One book is entitled Live a life of “Virtual” Success. Subtitle: Choose YOUR Personal Success Strategies. The other book is The Executive Speaks. Subtitle: An Executive Insider’s 5 Power Speaking Secrets.

Success in life rests on two pillars. My two companion books represent those pillars. First, have a clear vision for your life, and develop goals and strategies to fulfil that vision. Follow this with massive appropriate action to deliver your life’s design. The book Live a Life of “Virtual” Success shows you how to build this pillar.

After you have established the blueprint for the life you want, you must communicate it for others to help you manifest it. You have to speak up. You have to communicate your vision and encourage others to support you in your efforts to release your greatness.

The companion book, The Executive Speaks, shows how you can nurture and develop your speaking ability. You will be on the high road to success when you apply the wisdom contained in these two books.

Your vision

Your vision is a target that withstands time and circumstance. It is the ultimate life value that you hold dear to your heart. The strategies and goals you first adopt to deliver your vision may change from time to time. The vision itself remains inviolate for some protracted period.

You should, therefore, not embark lightly on what you consider to be your vision. Vision is seeing or visualising in the future what does not actually exist now. It is the beachhead of your core values. You have to use your imagination to contemplate what your future might be.

An example of vision in the field of business relates to the vision of the National Commercial Bank of T&T Ltd. When the bank was established in July 1970, the executive management developed a vision for the bank “ be the best bank in Trinidad and Tobago.” Best in customer service, banking products, technology, employees, remuneration, shareholder’s return and corporate citizenship.

Different goals and policies were applied with respect to all the sub areas but the vision “to be the best bank” was the focus that was pursued.

It is the same principle that can be used for your life. Decide where you want to go, to be and to achieve. Distil your focus until you arrive at what you think will support your inclination, purpose, and destiny.

Your journey to realising your vision will have setbacks. This is human and natural. Keep moving on and learning from the experiences on the way. Do not give up. Be persistent and unstoppable. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

What is the one thing you can do to explode your potential and create a great life for yourself? Clarify and apply your vision is the answer. Clarify, confirm and specify where you want to go in life. The key to unlock the treasure of your life is the rigorous application of what you know you ought to do.

New action

Be inspired to get a new zest for living:

Activate your dream machine.

Establish and clarify your vision.

Set your major goals and success strategies.

Establish your priorities.

Get into massive action.

Follow these guidelines for success:

Be specific in what you want.

Be willing to pay the price for your treasure.

Understand the benefits and significance of your goals.

Alter your old use of time and develop new appropriate habits.

Enjoy the journey and celebrate significant successes as they occur.

Life is all around you and there is a natural tendency to express how life occurs for you. Speaking is the predominant way in which you expose who you are. You have views, values, opinions and concerns, and through speech you make them known to others.

One purpose of speaking is to inform others of how you think. Another aspect of speaking is to persuade others to your point of view. It is to your advantage to learn how to speak effectively to enjoy a sense of fulfilment.

Any speaking has two key elements: the person communicating and the person receiving the message. The communicator at times becomes the listener and the listener at times becomes the communicator. Thus, to be an effective person in pursuing your vision and goals you must master the art of listening.

In order to accomplish what you want in life, you need to be clear about the result and you have to be able to communicate with others to make it happen. Polish your speaking skills to enhance your ability to inform, persuade and lead others. Take your speaking skills to new heights of excellent expression.

Writing is critical, but there are many more opportunities to influence others through speaking. You need to cope with daily communication challenges through polishing your speaking skills. You are constantly interacting with people so to succeed you have to:

Communicate your ideas more clearly and powerfully.

Polish your existing speaking skills.

Increase your self-confidence.

Become a centre of influence in your circle.

Become a champion at speaking impromptu.


You have the right to determine your vision and goals and to express them clearly and powerfully. The choice is yours. Polish your speaking skills on a continuous basis. It is for your benefit and will support your being the best that you can be.

The skills to become a more effective communicator can be learned. Great communicators are not all born great, but polish their skills on a continuous basis. Be a champion for speaking your vision and goals for ultimate success.

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