Sunday 13th November, 2005

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Photo: Calvin French

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Remedy it, or welcome it: a wise man’s only two choices
—Terri Guillemets.

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Women living life on their terms

As we observe the first anniversary of our new, re-energised WomanWise magazine, our team decided to focus on 13 women who have distinguished themselves, and who are helping to change the way the world see women...


Inspired to reduce illiteracy/ Siu Butt for the Olympics

While working as a teacher at the St Augustine Senior Comprehensive School, Paula Lucie-Smith realised that students, particularly those in the technical classes, had difficulty reading questions for the CXC exams...

Gail means serious business/ Unsafe abortions

When it comes to issues affecting business, Gail Merhair’s voice stands out. Affable, with a straight-talking, no-nonsense demeanour, the president of the San Juan Business Association (SJBA) has become one of the leading advocates for the business community since her election to the head of the organisation almost four years ago....

Keeping music alive

Joy Caesar wants to be remembered most for her involvement in the vocal achievement of young people. The musical director of the Southernaires Choir, which was awarded the Hummingbird Gold Medal in 1993, Caesar is dedicated to developing young talent to ensure other music genres, apart from calypso and chutney, are kept alive in T&T....

Creativity and flair abound

Creativity and flair. These words have been synonymous with Rosalind Gabriel and her mas productions over the last 28 years...

No stopping Esther Le Gendre

Esther Le Gendre stands out in the communications field. As Atlantic LNG’s Government and Public Affairs manager, she has been with the company from its inception in 1996. Prior to that, Le Gendre worked with Guardian Life...

True beauty rules

This issue will mark one of the most memorable and special of BeautyHUNTE issues as we acknowledge the first anniversary of the new, re-energised WomanWise magazine and also our very special “Woman of the Year” award recipient, Yvonne Mc Ivor....

Agitate for Education Changes!

We have spent the last two months talking about your children and the skills and values you need to inculcate in them in today’s world...

The dating shame

Men have a penchant to think when they “feed” you they’re fattening you up for the kill. After all, many men say they like “the hunt.”In the eyes of any hunter, a successful hunt is one that ends in a kill...
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