Friday 28th October, 2005


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Name the drug barons

I am calling upon Dr Bhoe Tewarie to name the drug barons in the country. He has been quoted in the newspaper as saying at the opening of the Divali Nagar that none of the drug barons are black. Since he seems to know who they are not, then it stands to reason that he knows who they are.

I am asking him and all the others in the country who profess to have information about the importers of drugs and guns to please do your civic duty and give the information to the authorities.

The Commissioner of Police is constantly harping on the need for the citizens to become involved in the fight against crime. Here is your chance, Dr Tewarie. Do the right thing and do not hide behind descriptions of ethnicity and professions. After all, that would only contribute, as you said, to “the further fragmenting of our society.”

You were quoted as urging that “the country must not facilitate the rise of ethnic nationalism from any quarter.” I could not agree more. So do what you must and tell us who the drug barons are—name by name.

Indeed I invite all the talk show hosts and print journalists to please unite against crime and heed Dr Tewarie’s urging against “the forces of ethnic nationalism” by ceasing to identify fourth and fifth generation citizens of this country by their ancestral ethnicity. Call me a relative of a murder victim, call me by name, call me grieving, call me distraught, but be less divisive in your choice of adjectives. We are facing real problems in our country and we need real solutions, not the old tired tirade about this or the other ethnic group. How has that ever served us in the past?

People, let us not get distracted by any attempt to disrupt us along ethnic or class lines. We are all sadly subject to the same criminals. I assure you that they are not quibbling about ethnicity when they purposely or randomly select their next victim and that could easily be you or a member of your family.

May God save our country.

Annette Rahael

Diego Martin

Editor’s note: Annette Rahael is an aunt of Dr Eddie Koury, the businessman who was kidnapped and beheaded just over a month ago. She is also the sister of Health Minister John Rahael.

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