Thursday 24th November, 2005


Corporation boss wants security for Dhansook

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Dansam Dhansook

By Yvonne Webb

Chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation Ramlochan Panchoo said yesterday that he will be seeking legal advice on how to proceed with councillor Dansam Dhansook, now that charges have been laid against PNM chairman Franklin Khan arising out of bribery allegations he (Dhansook) made.

“I cannot act on allegations made in the media,” Pancoo said yesterday.

“If there is a conviction by a court of law only, if and when that is determined, then I can act.

In the interim, I don’t want to proceed and then two years later I get sued when I am no longer in office.”

He said while there were also calls for the removal of Dhansook as a sitting councillor from the MRCRC, Panchoo said he thinks he should be protected.

“At the last statutory meeting, councillor Dhansook stood up in the council chamber and said he feels threatened.

“In my view, that person should be protected,” Panchoo said.

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