Thursday 1st December, 2005


Fine mix of comedy, drama at Best Village

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A bele dance by members of St Mary’s Village Council at Tuesday night’s Best Village competition on the Queen’s Park Savannah. Photo: Anthony Harris

By Patricia James

Tuesday night’s leg of the Best Village trophy competition finals was a fare of comedy and historical drama as St Mary’s Village Council and the veteran group, Malick Folk Performers, went on stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

St Mary’s performed a comedic play, centred around an old man’s will and the antics his daughter had to undergo to get the inheritance.

It was a comedy of errors and Anson Williams as Mini, the old man’s daughter and lead character, had the audience in stitches.

The crowd was so taken with the production that they were talking back to the characters on stage.

St Mary’s used old time kaiso and bele dancing to enhance the story and although there were slight problems with the body microphones, the production was well received.

Malick Folk Performers’ skit was based on the history of the group and revolved around the things that happen within the company.

Known for their prowess in the dance arena, Malick were making their 25th appearance in the competition this year.

The large company put forth a multi-layered, theatrical presentation complete with choral singing and Indian dancing.

They had the crowd thrilled from beginning to end.


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