Sunday 25th December, 2005

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Remedy it, or welcome it: a wise man’s only two choices
—Terri Guillemets.

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the joys of giving —throughout the year

Giving. Such a simple act that it is typically not given much thought throughout the year. Too often, we find that many choose to give only at Christmas time, bombarding with gifts and food items the less fortunate, who mostly remain unnoticed for the rest of the year..


Disappointed but moving on

Her gift shopping was almost done and the only other chore left was to make groceries for her mom. On Wednesday, a week after she returned home from the December 10 Miss World competition in Sanya, China, Jenna-Marie Andre was into the Christmas spirit...

Hot DJ ‘Duchess’

For over ten years, Alicia “D Duchess” Awai has been rocking the musical landscape with her prowess as a DJ. But for 2006, the self-proclaimed number one female DJ in the Caribbean, is looking to expand her repertoire by becoming a mas producer....

women lead the way in parang

Now I understand why men took the lead in parang. It was a matter of convenience — they had no food to prepare or house to rearrange or children to keep an eye on. They would go non-stop, moving from house to house, from sundown to sunrise without a worry in the world because they knew their wives were at home taking care of business...

Be loving and generous

It’s Christmas morn! For some, it’s a quiet, peaceful time, but for most, it’s a busy time surrounded with sweet aromas of ginger beer, baking ham, fresh bread, black cake, cinnamon, sorrel and the sounds of Christmas carols and parang music, all interwoven to add to the warm, cozy feeling of the day...

Sunrise on a Maui mountaintop

T’was the night before Christmas. Or at least it felt like it. At 3 am it really isn’t clear whether it’s the night before or the morning after and at that point, I wanted it still to be night and me still to be asleep...

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