Thursday 22nd December 2005

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Financing still problem for local energy company

After four years of being the voice of the South Chamber, Dr Jim Lee Young seemed to have dropped out of the public eye...

Thanks for 2005, see you in 2006

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It’s been another exciting and challenging year for the coverage of business in T&T. The fight between TSTT and Digicel over T&T’s burgeoning cellular market may have been...
BG View from the Editor

Not making the connection

When I began this cycle of columns three weeks ago (Imagine T&T without Point Lisas, BG December 8), I asked the question: what would be the state of the T&T economy at the end of 2005 if the visionaries behind the Point Lisas Industrial Estate had decided that it would have been better for the environment of T&T and the residents of the area if the estate was not built?


The industrialisation debate

No trickle-down effect

I always enjoy and look forward to the BG View columns of Guardian business editor Anthony Wilson...

T&T’s ‘free-bee’ to Alcoa

“Fifteen years of free gas!”

Yes, T&T, no matter how they hide, disguise or package it, the deal is 15 years free gas to Alcoa plus subsidised electricity...

All for sustainable growth

The editorial in the Business Guardian of December 8, “Imagine T&T without Point Lisas” was a source of great disappointment for me, as I have always held the author of the BG View, Anthony Wilson, in high regarded as an unbiased writer...

What about investments?

I thought Anthony Wilson’s column in last week’s Business Guardian was a bit thought provoking. “When more people are employed, when they are paid more for their labour and, at the same time, pay less taxes or no taxes at all, they have the opportunity to increase their standard of living, don’t they?”


Planners tackle cell sites

Cellular towers dot the local landscape in different shapes and forms—from the standard to the aesthetic...

Boosting steel

Essar Group chooses T&T

Of the four countries that the Essar Group was looking at setting up a steel mill, Trinidad looked the most attractive...

CTU, Canto sign MOU

The Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) signed a co-operative agreement with the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organisations (Canto) and Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA) at a Miami conference held earlier this month...

Why Clarke left WISE

Peter Clarke, the departing chief executive of West Indies Stockbrokers (WISE), said last week that while he had not lost interest in the job, “maybe it has got a little too routine and maybe I need a new challenge.”


Gold rush

Demand remains steady as world prices rise

Twenty-year-old Summer Kalloo surveyed an assortment of gold pendants at Raju Jewellers and Gifts Ltd, Frederick St, Port-of-Spain last Friday...

Sister isle goes after scuba tourists

Tobago takes the jump

Tobago has been recognised as a major Caribbean destination for the promotion of scuba diving tourism and experts believe big bucks can flow into the island via the multibillion dollar industry...

Ready for the next challenge

After working in Jamaica for over 27 years, managing director of CL Permanent Building & Loan Society, Ornell Bedasse has accepted his first job out of the country. He is here solely to set up this building society...

Commentary and Analysis

Sugar - no longer a sweet deal

The European Union has once again stirred anti-EU sentiment with its proposal to drastically cut preferential sugar prices to the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, which bore the brunt of banana reformation in 2001...

What’s made in T&T?

Made in T&T. What does this really mean? Is it only good for ensuring duty-free access under preferential trading agreements (most of which are due for termination in a few years time)...

2006 - an international perspective

What happens in the US and other world markets is important to us here in T&T, not only because there are nationals invested in those markets, but also because the performance of the international markets and the world economy will impact on what happens here at home...


A feasible option

There are mainly two ways to bring natural gas to market. One is via pipeline and the other is by tanker as LNG. The third, and not so common means of delivery, is gas to liquids (GTL)...

Level with us, Minister Hinds

The chamber read Clevon Raphael’s recent interview in the Guardian with the junior Minister in the Ministry of National Security and was extremely astonished at the paucity of information volunteered by him during the course of the interview...

Sport and politics

US bans Cuban baseball team

The powerful political lobby of Cuban exiles based in Miami have got their way once again in worsening relations between the US government and the government of Cuba’s president Fidel Castro...




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