Sunday 8th January, 2006

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Remedy it, or welcome it: a wise man’s only two choices
—Terri Guillemets.

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Giving soca a new look

It takes a special type of person to be an entertainer. You need to be driven, determined and focused to pound the pavements and accept the rejections in pursuit of your dream. You need to be resilient...


Nikki does, nikki land

From Jub-Jub commercials to storytelling concerts, Nikki Crosby is slowly building her career around children...

Faye Alibocus on life after Miss T&T

It’s been three years since Faye Alibocus disappeared from the media’s radar. During that time, her name popped up intermittently...

Producing academic excellence

After teaching at Belmont Boys’ Secondary School for 28 years, and with her children grown up, Iris Martin was preparing to spend her life in quiet retirement...

Destra’s out to max it up

Destra Garcia’s new look is in keeping with the team’s Soca Fabulous vision, which is patterned after the early 1990s when fashion ruled the music industry...

Tips and trends form the pros

The beginning of each new year is usually tagged with promises of self-change, starting with appearance — make-up, hairstyle, and dress, and at large, the hope for a change for the better everything; from head to toes...

Sunrise on a Maui mountaintop

T’was the night before Christmas. Or at least it felt like it. At 3 am it really isn’t clear whether it’s the night before or the morning after and at that point, I wanted it still to be night and me still to be asleep...

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