Sunday 22nd January, 2006

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Free yourself from worrys
Worries are an illusion. They make you live in the future with the belief that you are busy and take you away from the present. Worries are an excuse for not doing what you really have to be doing.
A reactive person appears very busy and worried. With worry, no problems can be resolved.
A proactive person focuses on the present, acts with initiative, and the understanding that being calm and free from worry is far more effective.
—Brahma Kumaris.

The Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre:
653-9642; 625-9642; 662-3406;
665-6933; 691-3520; 639-3833

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Carnival is woman

If you look at any given year, you will notice that women far outnumber their male counterparts and have succeeded in taking over the string of pre-Carnival parties and the two-day street party that culminates the revelry...


Her own boss in the business of beauty

Sharmila Dippoosingh, 37, has been, for the last few years, taking care of her home, raising her three toddlers and beating the traffic daily from San Fernando to Port-of-Spain to run the well–known Institute de Beaute (2000) Ltd, which she now owns...

A brand new woman

Gailann Stephen considers herself a new woman. The lone female vocalist with Bunji Garlin’s Asylum Band for four years, she left the band on Old Year’s day and has now embarked on a solo career...

Raquel eyes the Hollywood big times

She has set her eyes on Hollywood and is not stopping till she gets there. Racquel Weekes is a dramatist/poet/musician and model who was recently called the next Angela Bassett by judges at a local screening for the World Championship of Performing Arts to be held in Hollywood, California later this year...

Urinelle — the female partygoer’s alternative to squatting

It’s a product that evokes two types of responses: outrageous laughter or utter disgust. Urinelle, a disposable cone through which women can urinate without having to sit down, is a product that will surely have people talking for days...
Up front

Attorney in a model role

Prominent San Fernando attorney Kevin Ratiram is considered one of the most eligible bachelors in south Trinidad...

Hottest, latest beauty products

A new topical non-invasive dermo-intervention serum, Bota Peptide 5©, is touted for its Botox®-like action in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The peptide formulation is said to hydrate and plump the skin while stimulating skin functions...

Before the Carnival tempo heats up

And now, a word or two about our national festival, Carnival, before the tempo heats up too much. As it is, I imagine many parents reading this are either just up from last night’s all-inclusive or just on their way to an all-day fête...

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