Sunday 19th February, 2006


Carnival party eyes

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Ephraim Hunte

For beauty-related questions, e-mail [email protected] or write toBeauty Hunte, at 16 Salandy Street, Diego Martin, Trinidad, WI.

It’s Carnival time again in T&T and all the stops are being pulled out to glorify the world’s most anticipated celebration and festivity.

From here on till Ash Wednesday, toned bodies, in practically bare-it-all dress ensembles, will don accessories, colourful make-up, glitter and stuck-on jewels.

Shades of red, blue, bright fuchsia, green and glassy, textured gold and silver, will play up the spirited flavour of the season.

For your make-up, colour, fun and fantasy should rule allowing surrealism to take the forefront and the natural, a backseat.

Even body art from stencils, airbrushing and temporary tattoos make strong statements as added adornments for the season’s glitz and glamour.

Searching the local market for cosmetics with brilliant, colourful hues, brought me to the doors of MAC, Sacha, Trucco® and Caramia® where make-up of all shades and mixes abound.

Here are some cosmetic choices that are steeped in all the brilliance you can muster for your Carnival party looks.

Lisa-Gail Ali
MAC pigments were used to create the mosaic effect on Lisa-Gail’s eyes. From the inner corner, Fuschia (laced with diamond glitter), Copper Sparkle, Old Gold and the top lashline and outer corner of the eye in Royal Wink Fluidline, set with blue pigment (blue and green flakes topped off this accent). Brow bone area in Goldenaire.

MAC Cosmetics
Known for its vibrant shades and richly textured, pressed eyeshadows, MAC continues to challenge nature itself with hues that seem to be snatched straight from the kaleidoscopic colour matrix of the rainbow.


CARAMIA Cosmetics
Carasol Ltd, the
local manufacturer of CaraMia Cosmetics, also distributes Playgirl loose eyeshadow pigments. Colours like 14k Gold, Red Wine, Aquamarine and Blue Satin are true eye-openers.

SACHA Cosmetics
Sacha colour cosmetics has epitomised the Caribbean spirit with colours from daring and bold to conservative and demure. Textures vary from matte to super pearly and sparkly.

TRUCCO® Cosmetics
TRUCCO® Cosmetics (Sebastian International Cosmetic line), distributed by Desmond Halfhide Ltd, brings shades like California Girl, Calypso, Dusk and Manhattan Mermaid which are rich and glassy in texture.


Model — Lisa-Gail Ali.
HAIRSTYLIST — Onika Charles, ONIKA’S BEAUTY SALON, Corner Queen and Sorzano Streets, Arima (868) 757-9342.
JEWELRY & TATTOO — Doreen Aziz, Sounds of Shoes and Sandals, Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain (868) 622-9095.
Text, make-up and photography, Ephraim hunte/EHP Ltd©.
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