Thursday 6th April 2006

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Liberalisation is here…with some details still to be finalised

For months, mobile liberalisation has been written, spoken about and pushed by the Government and the local telecom regulator...

BG View from the Editor

Would smelter profit us?

As anyone who reads this column knows, I am in favour of using natural gas to maximise T&T’s revenue so that in the future the country can develop a post-gas economy and, in the present, gas revenues can be used to improve the standard of living by reducing taxes, lowering education costs and providing affordable housing to low income nationals...

Mixed Assets

The people must be involved

It is unfair, to say the least, to ask a farmer in Cap-de-Ville if he would prefer his son or daughter to continue cultivating their five acre-plot or work as an accountant at the proposed aluminium smelter...


Chatham residents know what they want

Last Thursday morning began on a very sour note after reading Anthony Wilson’s derogatory and insulting editorial in the March 30 Business Guardian...

One-sided debate on development

In your March 30 BG View you again have demonstrated your bias toward the “development” case. Looks like we are not likely to continue to enjoy a reasoned discussion on the pros and cons of our present “development” mania, as you push the persuasion process to one side of the argument...

What about quality of life?

I have read and reread the March 30 BG View. It commends the Government’s “highly successful policy of natural gas-based industrialisation” that has resulted in “high-paying jobs,” “the elimination of individual income taxes,” and the prospect of every citizen’s access “to a comfortable home” as well as “to tertiary education and training.”


BHP considers leaving Block 3(a)

BHP Billiton and its partners are considering walking away from Block 3 (a) even as they prepare to drill a fourth well in the acerage...

Government to rethink bids

Within the next couple of weeks the Government will decide whether to award three deep-water blocks to the Australian outfit, BHP Billiton...

MTBE polluting water - EMA

A report commissioned by the Environmental Management Authority has found evidence that the fuel additive MTBE has contaminated ground water sources throughout T&T...

T&T to host 2009 Summit of the Americas

T&T will host the fifth Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Americas in 2009, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry...


Wasting bagasse

Local inventor laments Govt’s lack of interest

At 81, Andrew Bain, who claims he invented a technology to make a range of products from bagasse, is patiently waiting to see if the French company which is preparing to buy the Sugar Manufacturing Company, has “borrowed” any of his technology...

Having a ball with balloons

Most people might not spare a thought for balloon arrangements or the creativity that goes into decorating a room, but Lorena Lucien is making a living by using balloons to light up faces and leave hosts and guests in awe...

ILO tracing true productivity

T&T should not only count its blessings, International Labour Organisation (ILO) specialist Dr Imonitie Imoisili believes, but measure them...


Key to transforming our economy...Push export-based, non-energy sector

In a hard-hitting luncheon address at the annual general meeting of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams argued that T&T’s export manufacturing sector seemed to have lost its dynamism while more and more local private sector investment is going into the non-tradeable service sector (real estate, distribution and retail franchising) and to increased portfolio investment.

Commentary and Analysis

Are we overheating?

T&T is experiencing another wave of strong economic growth that has built up high expectations about the future...

Turn and face the bear

As the first quarter of 2006 came to a close investors are wondering if they shall soon see a ray of light that would pierce through the clouds of doubt and uncertainty...

Steps to financial freedom

During the past few weeks I have emphasised the need to establish an investment plan. The reason is quite simple: if you don’t know where you are going then any road will take you there...

Steering new standards for Health, safety, environment

On Tuesday, the South Trinidad Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Inter-American Development Bank—Multi Lateral Fund (IDB MIF) signed an agreement to implement a project entitled “Improving Health, Safety and Environmental Standards among Smaller Enterprises in the Energy Sector.”

Caricom-US conference on the Caribbean?

After US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had a meeting with Caricom Foreign Ministers in March, an editorial in the Barbados Nation proclaimed: “Nothing new from Rice Meeting.”

Pension plans may face rough seas

For many employers, pension plans (especially defined benefit plans) have muscled their way up the corporate agenda into the boardroom...

Regulation of credit unions by the Central Bank

The local credit union sector exercises control over assets to the tune of billions of dollars. In the majority of cases, long gone are the days when membership was less than 50 employees in any enterprise and day-to-day operations were conducted out of the desk drawer of one of its officers...

An SME perspective

Be globally minded, domestically competitive

In his book, Future Shock, Futurist Alvin Toffler (1970) predicted the rise of risk taking and the new entrepreneurial spirit...

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