Sunday 16th April, 2006


Renew your life

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Easter is a time of renewal. It’s that time of year when people, mainly Christians, seek to renew their lives in some way.

Some renew baptismal vows and recommit their lives to God, others plant, giving life to a new seed. It’s like New Year’s Eve all over again when people resolve to make their lives better in some way. For Cevelle Creque, that renewal has been in progress for the last three years.

Tipping the scales at 355 pounds, Creque (pgs 4&5), decided to tackle her weight problem. After shedding a few pounds, she stopped and fell back into her old lifestyle. Last September, she started anew and today, is heading rapidly towards the 200 pound mark.

The remarkable thing about Creque’s story is that she chose to lose weight the hard way — through exercise and diet. Losing weight with that combination is challenging and that’s why many people prefer to take the easy way out, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on surgery, injections, pills, fad diets and miracle gadgets. It’s also the reason why so many others start and stop, getting frustrated with the hard work and slow transformation of their bodies.

Someone once described losing weight as a full-time job because one has to be conscious of every morsel of food that one eats as well as proportions. For Creque, losing weight has consumed her life as she battles temptations and complacency. Even at the gym, where she lost 21 pounds after six weeks, Creque has had to find the motivation to pull herself out of her comfort zone and really challenge herself with the exercises.

Hers is a real story, a story with which almost everyone can identify. It’s also a triumphant story. As Creque’s fat melts away, she is more confident; self-assured. She is able to participate in outdoor activities and perform simple, everyday acts that slim people take for granted.

Like Christ dying for our sins and rising from the dead, Creque’s story is inspiring and motivating. It is a story of renewal, one relevant to the season.

We can all take a page from Creque. No matter how insurmountable the issue may seem, the only way to get over it, is to tackle it head on.

You may be battle-scarred and weary at the end, but the results will be worth it.

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