Sunday 16th April, 2006


Robert Dumas is entertainment’s new face

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Robert Dumas is a 30-year-old model/freelance broadcaster who was recently contracted as a host for the cable network, BET. Dumas will host at least six episodes of one the channel’s newest programmes, which will be centred around T&T lifestyle.

Prior to this, Dumas worked as a project co-ordinator with Trinidad Systems Ltd for at least two years. In 2003, the well-built lad returned to T&T after an 11-year hiatus in England.

He spent those years travelling throughout Europe, while attaining his degree in business management in Germany and doing a few modelling gigs in several countries including Austria.

On his return to T&T, Dumas gave business a short try but was more attracted to entertainment. “I became enticed by the entertainment industry, due to a past girlfriend who was in the field. It was all very intriguing,” he said.

He has been dabbling in the world of the arts and entertainment ever since.

Most recently, he hosted the Miss T&T showcase where representatives were selected to compete in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants.

Age: 30

Residences: Glencoe

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Marital status: Single

Personal credo: Do unto

others as you would have them do unto you.

Best advice ever received: Let go and let God. My parents told me that and I have been living by it ever since.

Pet peeve: Ignorance

Best personality trait: Without sounding cocky, I would think it is both my charm and understanding.

Hobbies: I play football with Zen Atletico Rehab, love scuba diving and eco-adventure racing like mountain biking.

Turn-ons in a woman: Intelligence, a woman’s eyes, self-assurance, and confidence.

Turn-offs in a woman: Bad hygiene and insecurity.

Favourite part of a woman’s body: Eyes

Favourite foods: Apart from my mom’s cooking, I love Chinese food and Hungarian goulash stew.

Favourite movie: Crimson Tide, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Million Dollar Baby. That show was amazing.

One place you would like to visit: The Serengeti (wildlife resort) in Africa and the Shaolin (a group of temples)

in China.

Future plans: To give 150 per cent to being one of the best broadcasters in the Caribbean.

Describe yourself: I am a very high achiever, which is sometimes detrimental for me ‘cause I am always pushing myself to be better; achieve more.

Interview: Aretha Welch

Photo: Edison Boodoosingh

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