Thursday 13th April 2006

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Poverty survey caught up in bureaucracy

‘T&T must diversify’

In the face of a booming economy in the capitalist system, commentators often lament that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer...

BG View from the Editor

From the Archbishop’s lips...

On Tuesday, I received a 1842-word letter by e-mail from Father Martin Sirju, the Roman Catholic parish priest of Princes Town...

Mixed Assets

The people must be involved

It is unfair, to say the least, to ask a farmer in Cap-de-ville if he would prefer his son or daughter to continue cultivating their five acre-plot or work as an accountant at the proposed aluminium smelter...


Our future lies in subsistence farming

I have two words for BG editor Anthony Wilson: small-scale and non-mechanised (well, maybe four words)...

Policy needed for construction sector

It seems clear that Government’s current policy is now focussed on achieving developed country status and to do this it must build a great number of projects...


Alcoa’s move to T&T part of global plans

Alcoa’s proposal to build its controversial US$1.5 billion aluminium smelter in south-west Trinidad is part of a strategy to shift production to countries with cheaper energy and raw-material costs, international wire services reported Tuesday...


Terra Forma seeks new use for cane land

Breaking ground

Farfetched as it may seem, sugar cane estates and golf courses have something in common. With the decline of sugar production and the banana industry in the Caribbean, some of those estates have been converted to golf courses...

Cashing in on wildmeat millions

It might not be oil, natural gas or aluminium, but there are some who believe that commercial wildmeat production has vast economic potential with important spin-offs in a wide range of related sectors...

Making it in a woman’s world

Rodney Lopez is the man behind the nails at New City Mall. It may not have been his destiny, but Lopez is making a living in a “woman’s world.”

O’Brien unfazed by Digicel’s marathon run

Let the games begin! They were the same words, in a different tone one can presume, that Digicel’s chairman Denis O’Brien would have uttered at the start of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Ireland in 2003...


A public-private connection

This is a reproduction and edited version of the inaugural address of Ian Welch on becoming president of the T&T Chamber at its AGM luncheon on March 29, 2006...


‘No sufficient policy underpinning’

In December 1997, the Government retained Nipdec to supply and undertake project management consulting services...

Commentary and Analysis

Monetary squeeze

Many economies throughout the world such as the United States and T&T are currently engaged in monetary tightening. But what exactly is monetary tightening? It is a concerted effort by central banks to restrict the money supply or spending ability in an economy...

Increase export services, through trade talks with Europe

Cariforum countries (Caricom plus the Dominican Republic) are currently negotiating a new trade and investment regime with the European Union, under the economic partnership agreement (EPA). There are three major differences between this new EPA and previous agreements...

Investment: What about US?

We’ve all heard the financial experts expound on the benefits of diversification. When we talk about diversification in a stock portfolio, we’re referring to the attempt by the investor to reduce exposure to risk by investing in various companies across different sectors, industries or even countries...

Outsourcing...for all-round economic development

Offshore outsourcing has made its way onto many boardroom agendas. Interestingly, it had a quiet beginning in the early 1990s when pioneers such as General Electric, Citibank, Amex and British Airways set up captive units in India...

The bitterness of sugar

A round-table discussion held in Barbados on April 3 and 4 between Caricom sugar producing countries and the European Union (EU) appeared to achieve the exact opposite of what it intended...



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