Wednesday 19th April, 2006


Boldon’s Warriors DVD scores

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Dwight Yorke, Shaka Hislop and Russell Latapy embrace following the Soca Warriors’ victory in Bahrain.

Part of the large group of local fans that went to Piarco International Airport to welcome home the Soca Warriors.

This little cutie was among the thousands who welcomed the Soca Warriors back home.

Ato Boldon engages in a healthy banter with a Bahrani man. The man, whom Boldon met in Manama, downtown Bahrain, was sure of their victory. History would later prove him wrong.

Photos courtesy CNC3

By Essiba Small

Two days after it premiered on CNC 3, Warriors in Bahrain, a video diary by world champion sprinter Ato Boldon profiling his journey with the Soca Warriors to Bahrain, returned to the airwaves, by public demand.

To say that the show was a success would be an understatement.

It aired six times in as many weeks, and was the topic of local talk radio shows and, on the internet, was the buzz in chat rooms and message boards.

Shot by CNC3’s Mano Ragbir in Bahrain, the video diary captured not only the sights and sounds of a country few in T&T knew about, but it also took viewers along the ride to the Soca Warriors’ eventual victory.

Produced, directed, written and narrated by Boldon, with executive production by CNC3, the DVD contains scenes found in the television version along with many never-before-seen bits of footage and bonus features.

“When we first did the DVD I don’t think anybody knew how much in demand it would be, including me,” Boldon said.

It was CNC3’s sport editor Roger Sant who convinced management to let Boldon go to Bahrain to capture the event.

And, with the blessings of the station’s general manager, Boldon in Bahrain evolved from a one-time television special into a highly-anticipated DVD.

“I have to give CNC3 a lot of credit,” Boldon said with a laugh.

“Imagine, they allowed me, someone who has limited experience in broadcasting and who has never done anything near the scope of this film, the opportunity to do something like this, and aired it on their network, confident that it was worthy of even being aired.”

Fine-tuning the disc’s content would prove the challenging part.

“I was leaving the CNC3 studio at 2 am for days on end, working on it with Jason Pereira, the editor of the DVD, and Hank Williams, who did all the art and graphics.”

Record producer Richard Char Su Ahong got involved when Boldon felt the need to add some original music to the disc.

Ahong’s original compositions, Bahrain Nights and Camels in the Desert, replaced the arbitrary instrumentals that were featured in the original television version.

Music by Ninjitsu, Bunji Garlin, Dawg E Slaughter and Maximus Dan also featured in the film.

“Char Su is one of this country’s most talented producers. And I wanted him involved. He was more than willing and the result was brilliant.”

It was finished at the beginning of March.

The Web site was launched at the beginning of March to accommodate foreign buyers.

Already the disc has generated thousands of pre-orders.

Telecom giant bmobile and Toyota came on board as the disc’s sponsors and now the 32-year-old Independent Senator Boldon is also in talks with Movietowne to have it shown there.

Derek Fernandes, the cinema’s general manager of operations, confirmed that MovieTowne was in talks to have the film shown to the team on the big screen just before the Warriors’ warm-up game against Peru on May 10, and during MovieTowne’s airings of the World Cup games.

Fernandes, who viewed the DVD immediately after it was completed, said he was excited by what he had seen.

“I am a football fanatic and I like that this DVD gets the fan up close and personal to the players.

“The camera never shows us the field from the stands. Instead we see it as if we, too, are on the field.”

The scene of a crying Russell Latapy embracing his colleagues after the final whistle was blown, was particularly touching for Fernandes.

“I am talking about it and the hair on my hands raising,” he said.

MovieTowne is expecting to sell the DVDs at its store, but again Fernandes wanted to wait until the deal was sealed to expound.

Boldon said he was happy not just for the DVD’s successful debut but the fact that “Trinis were involved in every facet of the project. It is the best of us, made by us.”

It was also a personal triumph for the former Olympic sprinter.

“It meant me stepping out of my comfort zone and not being afraid to fail.”

Boldon wants to do a Germany version of the DVD but is approaching that with much trepidation.

“I feel with that one I would need much more help.

“This has not been easy, but the work is over and now people can own it, forever.”




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