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Ato Boldon, former international sprinter and Olympic medallist, Wendy fitzwilliam, 1998 Miss Universe and vice president/general manager, business development, Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company, and Michael Phillips, champion cyclist, pose for a promotional photograph at at Queen’s Royal College where they launched the Guardian in Education Making a Difference schools tour on January 18th, 2005.

Photo Lester Forde

On January 14th, 2005, the Trinidad Publishing Company launched phase one of its 2005 Guardian in Education project, with the support of the Ministry of Education. The theme this year is Making a Difference. It involves five national heroes who will visit 86 secondary schools, sharing their perspectives on life, their struggles, challenges and achievements. The aim is to inspire young people to overcome obstacles, set goals, achieve and excel. In the next few pages, we bring you some of the highlights of the launch which took place at the Ansa McAl Training Centre in Port-of-Spain.

Male success comes from using bran, not body - (16/11/05)

First I’d like to say that my constant complaint about this country is that most people sit on the side-lines and there are few who are willing to get on the front lines...

Guardian in Education winners honoured - (10/11/05)

Mahase: Take writing seriously

A plea has been made for a more co-operative effort to improve children’s writing skills. The call has come from chief judge of the Guardian in Education essay competition, Anna Mahase, who says she would love to see more people grasp the English language...

National cyclist: Use negativity in order to grow - (29/10/05)

A powerful and inspiring speech by former national cyclist Michael Phillips brought students of the Holy Name Convent, Port-of-Spain, to their feet as he urged them to use negativity in order to grow...

GUARD YOUR can make your dreams a reality - (28/10/05)

Why is it important that your reputation remains intact? Let me give you a good example. Many of you may have read in the newspaper some time ago about what was happening with many track and field athletes on the world stage, many of whom are Americans...

Boldon: Sharing one of world’s greatest gifts

‘Make time to help others’ - (20/10/05)

One of the greatest gifts in life is sharing. It is also more than just getting distinctions at O-and A-Level examinations but helping others to achieve...

Boldon makes impact at St Joseph’s Convent

Face your fear and do it anyway - (14/10/05)

Principal of St Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando, Dinnara Bainey, blushed as she took the hand of former Olympic medallist Ato Boldon “to finally meet him in the flesh,” and welcome him to her school on Tuesday...

Boldon gives secret to his success - (01/10/05)

Don’t let critics get you down

While his main goal in life was to bring home an Olympic gold medal for T&T, Ato Boldon said on Wednesday he had no regrets representing the nation over the past 12 years...

Boldon to parents: Make time for children - (30/09/05)

Former Olympic track star Ato Boldon is calling on parents to spend more time with their children....

Boldon tells students never give up in life - (24/09/05)

‘Steer ship past bad waves’

First formers of Point Fortin Senior Comprehensive School, sporting pristinely clean running shoes, ran over to former sprinting sensation Ato Boldon on Thursday, challenging him to a race...

Make yourself a masterpiece - (23/09/05)

I am here to share with all of you, students, my experiences in growing up, dealing with people, careers in sports, so that you may be able to pick one or two things that can apply to your lives...

Phillips restarts Guardian in Education bandwagon

Courtesy key tool in life - (16/09/05)

Do not be upset or disappointed when someone tells you no. Instead, rethink your strategy to get them to say yes. Bear in mind, however, that in life, no one owes you anything...

Wendy woos ’em in Guaico - (24/06/05)

Wendy Fitzwilliam relived her initial moments of glory, after being crowned Miss Universe 1998, during the Guardian In Education project at Guaico Government Secondary School on Wednesday...

A good name is key, Phillips tells students - (14/06/05)

More banners than students greeted Michael Phillips, former national cyclist, at the Malick Youth Facility’s auditorium for the Guardian in Education presentation last Friday...

A lesson in mediation - (03/06/05)

Champion cyclist Michael Phillips went out of his way on Wednesday to demonstrate conflict resolution skills to a teenage girl...

Strive for excellence—Ato (05/05/05)

Achieving excellence is not a sprint but a marathon, says Olympic bronze medalist Ato Boldon...

Tough questions for Ato (04/05/05)

Ato Boldon’s challenge was never the inability to speak. But when he spoke in front of a hall filled with St Augustine Senior Comprehensive Secondary students on Monday, he came face to face with tough questions...

Boldon tackles issues of girls, distraction

‘Make the best out of school’ (30/04/05)

He wasn’t tall enough to reach the mic on the stand, but a Hillview College student had the whole school hall rocking with laughter on Thursday, when he asked Ato Boldon in a small voice, “I want to know if girls have ever affected your school work.”

Boldon delights hundreds in Iere

‘Work hard to achieve goals’ (29/04/05)

Sporting medals around their necks and armed with their autograph books and notepads, Iere High School and Siparia Senior Comprehensive School students were on Wednesday told they needed to create history, rather than rewrite it...

Set goals and develop self-confidence (11/03/05)

It’s my first time in this part of Trinidad. Usually most of Trinidad I have ridden to or ridden through, but I’m happy to have extended my knowledge of the roads of T&T...

Phillips tells students at Cowen Hamilton:

Set your own goals (10/03/05)

His life would have been meaningless if he had not set goals for himself, cyclist and artist Michael Phillips told Cowen Hamilton Secondary Students, as he urged them to map out a plan for their future...

Boldon ready to help young stars (04/03/05)

Retired Olympic medallist Ato Boldon has said he is on a mission to help anyone who has the passion and drive to excel in the field of athletics...

Boldon, Phillips touch a nerve (02/03/05)

One had a baby on the way at 18, the other struggled to make it in a junior secondary school, with murmurs all around the extended family on his gloomy future...

Making a difference

On January 28, 2005, former Miss Universe, Wendy Fitzwilliam addressed forms four to six students of Union Claxton Bay.

I must thank the Trinidad Publishing Company for giving me the opportunity to come and speak with you...

Making a difference - stay focussed (01/02/05)

One of the things that I would like to speak to you about today is based on an experience that I had...

Seek balance, cyclist urges youth (28/01/05)

Ahilya Persad put up her hand many times before Michael Phillips could get to her with the cordless microphone, busy as he was kept by her peers...

Guardian schools tour reaches Princes Town

Ato and Michael:Your name is your fortune (20/01/05)

Southern students got a treat yesterday, when sports celebrities Ato Boldon and Michael Phillips went to Princes Town Senior Comprehensive, as part of the Guardian in Education Making a Difference schools tour...

The Power of influence (19/01/05)

A sugarcake may save a Life. One day in a small store in Curepe, two young gangsters entered suddenly and held up the people inside. One of the shoppers, an old lady, was so frightened that she started to hyperventilate. At that, one of the bandits drew a stool forward and said kindly, “Don't frighten, Granny. Come sit down and catch yourself. We ent goin’ hurt you.”

Highlights of the visit to Queen's Royal College on January 18th, 2005.

Highlights of Guardian in Education prize-giving function, phase 3, 2005 January 14, 2005

Grand prize winner (19/01/05)

Senator the Honourable Hazel Manning, Minister of Education, chairman emeritus of the Ansa McAl Group, Dr Anthony Sabga, chairman of the board of Trinidad Publishing Co Ltd, Mr. Dennis Gurley, specially invited guests Ato Boldon, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Michael Phillips, representatives of the sponsor companies, other distinguished guests, good morning...

Celebrities begin Guardian schools tour

Wendy wows QRC for Making a Difference (19/01/05)

Miss Universe 1998, Wendy Fitzwilliam, was the feature speaker at the inaugural Guardian in Education Making a Difference schools tour yesterday afternoon...

The need to make a difference (19/01/05)

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has mandated the Ministry of Education to create the human capital necessary for sustained growth and development as we shape a vision for our country to achieve developed country status by 2020...

Address by Guardian Managing Director (19/01/05)

Senator the Honourable Hazel Manning, Minister of Education, Chairman Emeritus of the Ansa McAl Group, Dr. Anthony Sabga, chairman of the board of Trinidad Publishing, Dennis Gurley, chief assessor, Dr Anna Mahase, our very special guests Wendy Fitzwilliam, Ato Boldon and Michael Phillips, representatives of our corporate co-sponsors, principals, parents, students...

“RBTT’s vision for Trinidad & Tobago goes far beyond a myopic view of developments within our island borders.

As a regional institution, we focus on national advances in the context of an integrated Caribbean and constantly look for both business and community-outreach initiatives to improve our national standing in terms of regionalisation in an increasingly interconnected international community.

While our corporate social responsibility programmes seek to touch people at all levels, there is specific focus on youth development.

Young Leaders, our flagship—internationally acclaimed—youth development programme, strives to continually embody the concept of Caribbean community, as evidenced in this year’s theme Strengthening Caribbean Society…Our Vision, Our Culture, Our People.

This year’s debate motions further complement the theme, requiring debaters to confront the issue of how integration and globalisation may affect the Caribbean’s future.

Through this kind of subject matter, we are able to open the minds of our Young Leaders to ideas that can contribute to the betterment of our society in a globalised world.”


The refrain of Victor Hugo speaks to the vision that we at Guardian Holdings have for Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean: “The future has many names. For the weak it is the unattainable; for the fearful it is the unknown. For the bold it is opportunity.”

With courage, faith, strong leadership and the excellent technical ability that we Caribbean people possess in abundance, GHL believes that any Caribbean company can excel in the global market place.

GHL understands that the strength of a company, a country and this region, are dependent on our people.

We adhere firmly to our core principles of corporate citizenship and business responsibility knowing that good corporate governance is the hallmark of an ethical organisation and the benchmark by which Guardian Holdings conducts its business.

To this end, our various and many corporate social responsibility programmes in the areas of sport, youth, education, are strong reflections of these core beliefs.


NGC’s corporate vision is to establish Trinidad and Tobago as a major player in the global natural gas business.

The company, on its own or through its various subsidiaries, has pursued this vision for the country not only through its vital contribution to the development of the natural gas industry and its consistent, safe and reliable supply of natural gas to its clients, but also through its ongoing corporate social programmes.

Part of NGC’s profit accrues to the State in the form of dividends. A further portion of its profits is administered directly to communities through its support of education and training, small business development, sport and the arts, to name a few areas.

These programmes initiated or supported by NGC have led to tangible improvements in communities nationwide, resulting in increased employment, healthier social and community life, athletic and artistic development and, noticeably, reduced crime and juvenile delinquency in some communities.

This is good news for the nation because it is good news for foreign investors, who seek not only the assurance of reliable supplies of resources for their businesses, and solid infrastructure upon which to base them, but a stable social and political climate and an educated, dedicated and dependable workforce.

In supporting individual communities, therefore, NGC does not only bring home the benefits of natural gas to the individual, but also brings Trinidad and Tobago one step closer to the vision we have for our country.

A good education is a doorway to opportunity, whether that learning is acquired in school, on the job, through values we learn at home or through special community initiatives like the Guardian in Education project.

At Yara Trinidad Ltd, our vision is to continue in profitable business and influence positive business development through organisational mastery in the safe and reliable production of fertilisers for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Continuous learning and improvement are integral to our ammonia manufacturing operation, for they contribute to raising the bar on productivity and to sound business results.

We believe that sustainable business growth in Trinidad and Tobago will be realised when continuous learning and improvement with the focus on quality become integral to the psyche of the entire business community and our working population.

This learning focus is consistent with our community initiatives in education, safety, environmental care and culture.

In almost all of the community projects we have initiated and supported, the development of people is at the core. We aim to make meaningful contributions, so that the national community benefits, not just in the short term but, with sustainable impact.

We embraced the opportunity to support the Guardian in Education essay competition for secondary schools’ students because it is based on literacy – a foundation block for personal growth.

The project allows young people, who will soon enter the working world to sharpen their research skills, think analytically, write concisely and recommend solutions to social issues. It broadens their perspective even as it helps to raise the consciousness of all who read the essays.

We are pleased to continue this partnership and to provide opportunities for young people to learn how discipline and productivity interconnect, how ethical values translate into business values and how knowledge can give you the edge in a very competitive world.

We at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre want Trinidad and Tobago to be recognised as one of the best business centres in the Western Hemisphere.

We hope that Trinidad and Tobago can become self-sufficient while producing some of the most skilled professionals the world has to offer.

Through our charitable programme Hilton K.I.D.S in the Caribbean, we support projects such as the Guardian in Education School's Essay Project. We firmly believe that education is the only means by which we can end the cycle of poverty and the dependency syndrome that plague our society today.

By informing our youth about key societal issues, such as conservation, economic productivity and HIV/Aids awareness, we can teach them how to appreciate and explore the wonder that is Trinidad and Tobago, without exploiting it.

We are proud to have been a part of this phase of the competition and look forward to supporting it into 2005!

As the national promotional agency of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the mission of the Tourism and Industrial Development Corporation Limited (Tidco) is to market our country as a premier destination to visit and a place to do business and invest. As such, we welcome the efforts of others who serve as our “partners in promotion.”

By encouraging the youth of our nation to think about all that is attractive about Trinidad and Tobago, we thank the Trinidad Guardian , the schools and the students for the thought-provoking, Secondary School Essay Project.

We are pleased and proud to support this Project and the many “authors” who help us to tell the Trinidad and Tobago story.

The TIDCO team joins in urging the participants to keep on writing, to continue investigating and discovering the beauty and opportunity that is ours.


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