Sunday 7th May, 2006

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Dress affects my feelings as irresistibly as music
—— James Boswell

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Designing men

When it comes to fashion, women may be the big spenders, but it’s the men who control the industry...


Penny Bernard sets eyes on Miss universe

Penny Bernard has always dreamt of representing Trinidad and Tobago at the Miss Universe pageant...

Patriot promotes things C’bean in Canada

There are hundreds of Trinidadians living abroad who profess a deep love for their culture. Cheryl Antoine is one of them, but she does more than just hop on an airplane around Carnival time...

A Powerful woman

Nicknamed “the gatekeeper,” among other things, and described as a ruthless operator who strikes fear into ministers, the former left-hand woman to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, seems in no way as intimidating as she is made out to be...

Coskel makes T&T culture fashionable

In local parlance, the word cosquel is used to describe outlandish and garish fashion generally shunned by the more fashion conscious...

Artist becomes her own boss

Judy Coward never expected to open her own business. She had a successful career in hotel management...
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Fashionista lives, breathes style

He's a 28-year-old man who loves to make women look beautiful. Guyanese-born Edmund Johnson is a full-time beautician who, by his own confession, lives, eats and breathes fashion and beauty...

Society to blame for a missing generation

As tormenting as the murder of Sean Luke is, it should stay firmly at the forefront of the public’s consciousness until we have learnt from it...

Choosing the right time to buy stocks

One of the biggest challenges for both new and experienced investors alike, is finding the right stock and choosing the right time to invest in it...

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