Friday 12th May, 2006



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Mc Nicolls vs Sharma

Special Branch head, ACP Wellington Virgil, has been appointed to investigate allegations by Chief Magistrate Sherman Mc Nicolls that Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma attempted to influence the outcome of the Basdeo Panday Integrity Commission trial, sources told the Guardian yesterday...

PM starts the ball rolling

Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday informed Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma that he had begun the process under the Constitution to determine whether the Chief Justice ought to be removed from office...

Chief Justice: I’m surprised

Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma has said he was surprised at the Prime Minister’s moves to “begin the process under Section 137 of the Constitution to determine whether the Chief Justice ought to be removed from office...

AG: I never asked Sharma to resign

The Honourable Attorney General wishes to express his concern at statements made in a release issued yesterday under the signature of the Honourable Chief Justice, making wholly unsubstantiated statements compromising the integrity of several office-holders, including that of the Honourable Attorney General...

Crime & Court

Top cop gets Mc Nicolls’ report on CJ

The AG has asked acting CoP Glen Roach to investigate allegations made against Sharma by the Chief Magistrate...

Pandays’ bribery charge adjourned

Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday has said the recent ultimatum handed to Chief Justice Satnarine Sharma by Prime Minister Patrick Manning is interference with the justice process...

Accused had a knife—witness

Deidre-Ann Layne had confessed to her friend of threats her estranged boyfriend made against her hours before she met her death...




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