Wednesday 10th May, 2006


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Lawrence is Welsh hero

Goalscoring hero Dennis Lawrence will have a group of Welsh supporters following him under specially designed T-shirts through the World Cup, starring Soca Warrior Big Den, Wrexham’s first ever World Cup player.

As Wales failed to qualify, the group of fans falling under the Wrexham Supporters’ Trust have decided to get behind the Soca Warriors

“Dennis is a big hero at the club and there are also two other former Wrexham players in the T&T side—Carlos Edwards and Hector Sam.”

“To see these guys become the first Wrexham players to ever compete at the World Cup is amazing,” said Trust member Simon Johnson.

“The Dennis T-shirts have been selling like hot cakes here. And on the day of the first game (against Sweden) we’re erecting a giant screen at the club and launching our own beer in honour of Wrexham legends—one’s called Benno, after Gary Bennett, and the other Tommy, after Tommy Banford—to raise money here. It should be a great atmosphere.”

Geraint Parry, Wrexham FC secretary, was also thrilled about the support for Lawrence, who has been nicknamed Shaft at the club.

“Dennis loves this. He thinks the support he’s been getting is fantastic. He’s become a part of both communities—Wrexham and Trinidad —and his daughter is even learning Welsh.

“So to see this level of support from the people of Wales, and especially Wrexham, has really touched him.

“When Trinidad played Iceland recently he saw several Welsh flags in the crowd and it really buoyed him up,” Parry said.

Latapy wants to focus on World Cup

Carded to play his final match in national colours today against Peru, national midfielder Russell Latapy wants to focus entirely on this country giving a good account of itself at the 2006 World Cup and prefers to revel in the success of qualification rather than the emotional disappointments of the past.

When asked on the weekend to compare the Soca Warriors to the Strike Squad team, Latapy said:

“That’s difficult. Two completely different teams, different coaches and a different teams. We didn’t have the experience of international football back then.

“With the maturity of our players no... we play football every day, it’s our job, it’s part of our lives and because of that you learn the tricks of football and that has helped this team immensely.

“Obviously it was very disappointing in 1989, but now we have been able to bury that ghost by qualifying for this World Cup and we want to stick to that and look forward to this occasion.

“This is the light at the end of our tunnel and we want to focus on that.”

Latapy also confirmed that he is not carrying any kind of injuries and is ready for the Peruvians and the rest of the build up schedule to the World Cup.

And to any youngster wanting to follow in Latapy’s footsteps, the advice he gave to them on the weekend before his final outing on home soil:

“Work hard, be professional and keep focused.”

Carlos ready to take Luton up

With the World Cup being the number one priority over the next few weeks, Carlos Edwards is backing Luton Town to make a strong push for promotion to the Premiership next season and is hoping his experience from this past season and help him spur the Soca Warriors on to success.

“It was a hard season, but we got some good results and obviously we are aiming to do much better next season. The club has a chance to go up because we have a strong desire for success.

“The experience there has been a great one and I’m hoping to take everything out of it and use it when I have on the national shirt. It’s always an aim to play my best for the Trinidad and Tobago team.”

Luton finished tenth on the English Championship table.

Kenwyne Jones’ World Cup dream

Young national forward Kenwyne Jones is still remembering his days following the 1990 World Cup Final, which was won by Germany and now he’s trying to get it all soaked in that he is about to take a similar stage with the Soca Warriors.

Asked to recall his earlier World Cup memories, the Southampton player said:

“This is still happening for me. Personally it goes back to 2001 when we played in the Under-17 World Championship. I know Germany will be fifty times bigger, but I can really remember how I felt back then.

“As a young boy watching the game I can remember Roger Milla, Roberto Baggio and Romario. Now to have my name being called in the same event is a great achievement I think.”

And as to how he thinks being a national player has helped him all round?

“Over the two years I have matured a lot. When I first started out it was rough, but it made me better all round. Even now, with some of the players who have joined the team, I think I am older than them in terms of experience and knowing that I can help out goes a long way in my maturity level.

“I want to be someone who people can want to emulate.” Jones club finished 12th on the English Championship table.

Yorke thanks Sir Alex for support

During an address to the media on the weekend, national team captain Dwight Yorke paid tribute to his former boss while at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, for allowing him to train with the Old Trafford club when his season with Sydney FC closed a few weeks ago.

The 34-year-old player said he enjoyed the recent time there with the likes of Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney, who has been listed in the England provisional World Cup squad despite injury.

“Life has been great for me at this point in time. I feel very relaxed and really excited ahead of the World Cup. I have been very fortunate, Sir Alex Ferguson has been very generous and kind to let me into the camp to train with the first team.

“Obviously that has brought back memories of being at Manchester and being part of the team which I was and the players no better than Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville, who I hopefully will be coming up against at the World Cup.

“Having banter and the chit chat with the guys is great. I couldn’t thank Sir Alex Ferguson enough for allowing me to come back into his club and training,” Yorke said.

Shaun Fuentes is the media officer for CFU/TTFF. [email protected]




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