Wednesday 24th May, 2006


Good luck charm converts Hal Lindsey...devotes life to writing Bible prophecy

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Televangelist/author Hal Lindsey poses with his wife Jolynn at the Hal Lindsey Discerning The Times—Our World Through The Eyes of Prophecy seminar, Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Tunapuna, recently. He is the author of Faith For the Final Hour.

Cover of book.

A cross-section of local pastors and reverends attend the Hal Lindsey conference.

Photos: Lester Forde

By Michelle Loubon

Bear’s claw, alligator’s tooth, bat’s heart, a scarab beetle, jade money bag on a charm bracelet are all examples of good luck charms. A Gideon New Testament joins the exhaustive list.

California based televangelist/author Hal Lindsey said his ‘good luck charm...the New Testament he carried in his pocket,’ pointed his way to Jesus Christ.

He made this disclosure at the Hal Lindsey Discerning The Times—Our World Through The Eyes of Prophecy seminar, at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Tunapuna, recently.

Among those sharing in Lindsey’s kernels of wisdom were pastors including Dr Victor Gill, Michael Mc Dowell, Seenath and Robert Wellington, Peter Regis, Margaret Elcock, Dr Allister Alexander and Dr Stephen Mohammed.

Former president ANR Robinson, UNC political leader Winston Dookeran and attorney John Jeremie who delivered the feature address were also present.

“I remembered I always carried a good luck charm. A New Testament that was given to me by one of the people in the area when I was a boy. I started reading it. First I read the Gospels, then I read the Sermon on the Mount,” said Lindsey.

Tracing his conversion to Christianity, Lindsey said he turned to his good luck charm because there was a deep yearning for “something new...what to do for an encore.”

As a young man, he dropped out of the University of Houston to serve in the Korean War. Later, he found work as a Mississippi River tugboat captain.

“I thought I had the life any young man would have. I spent so much time in the bars. I decided to become a bar tender on weekends,” chuckled Lindsey.

At some point, the carousing didn’t suffice.

“I began to experience deep yearnings. What to do for an encore? Nothing seemed to satisfy me anymore.

“I began to question “what is the purpose of life?”

Soon, he visited a number of churches, but, the catechisms were directed to a special lady. He wondered, “why do they have to pray to her. I was troubled. I read Timothy (New Testament). It said just as there is one God there is one mediator.

I started reading John. I realised those who believed Jesus Christ and received him would have eternal life.”

He resigned himself to the Lord.

“I said, Lord show me the way,” said Lindsey. Since his conversion, via his “lucky charm,” Lindsey entered Dallas Theological Seminary in 1958. He graduated with a degree in theology. In 1969, he wrote his first book, The Late Great Planet Earth.

He went on to author over 20 best selling books, with a total of over 47 million copies sold. Among his collection were Satan is Alive and Well On Planet Earth; There’s a New World Coming; The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon; The Final Battle; The Terminal Generation; Planet Earth: The Final Chapter; Rapture; Apocalypse Code; and, the most recent, The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad.

Accompanied by his wife Jolynn, the father of five daughters has travelled throughout the world expounding on his works.

He deals with a major theme—Bible prophecy—in the context of the current global situation.

“It is an exciting time to be alive. These are the climactic days of the end of the church. Mankind is at the threshold. Something extraordinary is in the making. Never before have things accelerated to this point. If you go from culture to culture, you can get culture shock.

“Things are changing rapidly. There is a terrible depth to the anxiety. There are many dangers that face this generation,” said Lindsey.

Then, Lindsey chose Matthew 24 as his text. Lindsey proceeded to speak on Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, describing it as “the biggest fraud in history.” He also touched the Gospel of Judas, which attempted to challenge the tenets of Christianity.

He cited statistics on tribulations like pestilence, plagues, earthquakes, wars and famines which have been stalking nations.

“The 20th century saw more people being killed through warfare than in all the centuries put together,” said Lindsey.

“Nation will rise against nation.

In Croatia, the ethnic hatred is beyond belief. In Thailand, Britain, India, Pakistan the ethnic hatred would rise again. Africa is a continent ravaged by ethnic hatred,” added Lindsey. He called on the people to stay rooted in Jesus Christ.

“Places that were once greatly blessed by God are throwing it away and there is a great falling away.”

Noting, it was impossible to escape what was coming, he predicted great things ahead for T&T.

Earlier on, Lindsey had met with Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

“Blessed is the nation that seeks after righteousness. I spent time with your PM. I was overjoyed to hear him confess his faith in Jesus Christ. I was thrilled to find out he understood Bible prophecy. When a nation is led by a man who fears God that nation will be blessed. Blessed is the nation that seeks after righteousness,” said Lindsey.

Then, he offered some practical advice.

“Learn the word of the God. It is faith for the final hour.”

After his discourse, Lindsey reiterated blessings are in store for T&T.

“There are real blessings in store for the country. There are a great many people here who are true Christians. God is blessing your nation.”

Similar to old Testament patriarch Abraham who received the blessing of a son Jacob in his old age, 72-year-old Lindsey predicts a great deal more labouring in the Lord’s vineyard.

“My greatest ministry will be at the end of my life,” mused Lindsey.





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