Friday 9th June, 2006

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What a wonderful team

Football fever is on and the adrenalin will be pumping through our veins as the Soca Warriors tackle the Swedes in our bid for the prestigious World Cup.

For months our players have been preparing for the big day and tomorrow they will showcase their talents, skill and prowess on the football field before millions of diehard football fans around the world.

The excitement will be intense and, although the odds are stacked against our team, the fact remains that the game is never over until the last whistle is blown.

In past years we have witnessed dark horses, unknown teams and unranked players place upon the top because of their raw talent and unshakeable team spirit.

In fact, some teams that were treated with scant regard by football pundits and commentators who predicted their early demise proved that they had what it took to star prominently on the football field.

The World Cup has been a place where clear favourites have felt the agony of defeat and little known teams have experienced the thrill of victory. It is a place where miracles can happen.

It is all a matter of everything coming together at the right time and players remembering the skills that they have been taught and practised in the lead-up to the big day.

And after all the build-up and excitement, so what if we lose? The fact is that our boys have made us proud by qualifying for this auspicious event. The red, white and black of our flag will be proudly blowing in the breeze and those fortunate enough to witness the event live will shout words of encouragement from the stands on our behalf.

The support both on German and local soil will be tremendous as God provides us once again with an opportunity to prove the love, strength and power of a people when they unite for a common good.

Are you game?

Any unification process must not be merely a superficial procedure aimed at bringing together all the forces because some of the forces may actually negate others if there is significant conflict on material matters.

In other words, there has to be a sifting mechanism to ensure that all those on board and those who choose to jump on the bandwagon are united in purpose, process and, especially important, policy.

Imagine if a football team comprised players who were not prepared to adhere to the stated rules of the game. Suppose the coach had advised his players to breach the rules, commit fouls and resort to unscrupulous means, all with the objective of winning the game.

What if the players were mandated to destroy other players on the same team who were not prepared to stoop to the low levels as suggested by the coach?

Would it be correct for those players to enact the dictates of the coach knowing full well that to do so would be wrong? Is the need to win the game ever sufficient justification to break the rules? If that is the case, then who determines what is allowable and what is not?

A team needs a strong leader who knows the art and intricacies of the game and who can instill in his players the confidence and skill required to overcome the opponents.

If the coach constantly changes his strategy to suit his own purpose without regard or respect for the players and in total violation of the rules of the game, then such a team would obviously suffer the ill-effects of confused players who literally would not know which way to go.

Some players, so desperate to be a part of the game, would sin their souls just to please the coach because their future lies in his hands. These people would play the game of cut and thrust at all costs, even if it means destroying their colleagues.

Such players are aware that they are unwanted by other clubs and would be content playing little league with their master coach.

Other players, committed to the rules of the game and who wish to preserve its integrity, will never be considered part of the team. They will always be labelled by the coach as truants and misfits and will be taken off the field at the first opportunity.

They will be forced to sit on the bench and watch inferior talent run up and down the field embarrassing the team, disappointing fans and making a mockery of the game. But apparently that is exactly what the coach wants and he has people of FIFA proportions prodding him along.

A whole new team

One viable option for the players who have been unjustifiably and unreasonably removed from the game is to find another team that will appreciate their respective abilities and allow them to participate freely and fairly as a team on the field.

Of course another option is to retire from the game, give up the sport and return to their respective professions. But why should such an approach be adopted when there are thousands of fans who want to see a restoration of dignity and integrity to the game?

What is required is the creation of a formidable team comprising individuals with proven track records. This must be done expeditiously as while timing is everything, time is running out.

When the whistle to commence play is blown the players on the new team must be in position and ready to score the goals necessary for an outright win. There must be no distraction to prevent players from performing at an optimum on the field.

There is a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered and a competent captain who can lead his team to victory.

Let us hope that those brave enough to play on the field will come forward because there is a big match that has to be played in the very near future. We cannot afford to lose this game because if we do, we will all be relegated to the benches of opposition forever.





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