Sunday 11th June, 2006

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That which makes the difference
The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.— Vince Lambardi

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Love at last

Some attribute it to the favourable weather in temperate countries — that Spring into Summer transition that makes for tolerable, sunshiny, breezy days...


Plus size women

He’s a London-based designer who is steadily making his name known in the fashion capital. But Jvon Guadeloupe, known professionally as Daronte, does not use the waif or clothes-hanger-sized models as his fashion muses. Oh no, Daronte designs for the plus-sized woman...

Entrepreneur makes getting married simpler

Four years ago, Simone Sant-Ghuran and her then-fiancé were planning their wedding when they realised that there were no local online resources on which to rely...

Walking in his father footsteps

His music can be heard on local airwaves and he is the son of renowned local musician, Nappy Mayers...


Beauty tips for the big day

June is the start of a very busy season with up and coming weddings. Let’s face it, in the Caribbean you can get married any time throughout the year, but tradition prevails and from June onwards, is usually the busiest period. So get ready. This article is about helping you to get started...

The scope of the problem

last week, I wrote about the Government’s action in response to the plight of thousands of children in this country. Somewhere in a filing cabinet in my office, I have a file labelled Children’s Authority 2000...

Match investments with your goals

We all have different aspirations and different things that we want out of life. It is these very differences that ultimately drive our investment decisions...

Consider consequences

Sincere thank you for all the responses and words of wisdom stemming from last week’s article on infidelity. It appears that in spite of the Aids epidemic and all the other ills associated with having more than one sexual partner, infidelity is alive and well...

Local veggies

The Latin word for vegetables means “to enliven or animate.” As a nutritionist, I really believe that health and vitality are dependent on eating nutritious foods and that vegetables form a major category, especially those that are home-grown...
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