Thursday 8th June 2006

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Extra $$ not bad...but Govt must watch non-oil deficit

While the Government’s decision to increase its $34 billion budget by $4 billion has raised a few eyebrows, it hasn’t been meet with much scepticism...

BG View from the Editor

Are the poor poorer?

Last week, in this space, I asked the question, “Is anybody benefitting” because it seemed to me that, as a nation, we have become so negative in our outlook that many of us are unable to see the positive things that may be happening here...

Mixed Assets

Whose choice is it anyway?

I’m sure I heard correctly. Minister in the Ministry of Finance Conrad Enill said Tuesday that Government was going to heed the Central Bank Governor’s call to curb runaway inflation...


ILO introduces SME training

The International Labour Organisation has expanded its business support programmes for entrepreneurs...

Tobago resorts tackle Asian competition

Le Grand Courlan and Grafton Beach, two of Tobago’s leading resorts, are preparing to face competition from southeast Asia, with both resorts spending more that $20 million to redesign and renovate...

Columbus unfased by HBO wrangling

As negotiations with HBO and Cinemax continues, the local cable company assures that customers will still have access to the channels...

Region warned about oil prices

Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada most vulnerable to price surge - Bear Stearns

With the price of oil projected to rise above its current US$70 per barrel cost, Barbados, Belize, Grenada and Jamaica have been pegged as countries most vulnerable to a price surge...

Local channel gets national licence

Gayelle growing...but needs $5 million

In two years of operation, Gayelle has managed to change the face of local television: from foreign-based programming to pure local content...


Food imports growing

Over the past year, T&T’s food import bill has increased by $473 million, a growth of 23 per cent. From January to November 2005, the bill amounted to $2.5 billion...

Jamaica aims to cash in on culture

His father is a music icon but the impact of Damian “Jr Gong” Marley and fellow reggae artistes internationally may stun even the great “Bob” himself...

Living the model life

Keston Redhead, manager of Platinum Angelz modeling agency, was always an active participant of the arts. While in school he was part of a dance group and drama class. He was always fascinated by modelling but had a fear that if he became one he would be stigmatised...

Commentary and Analysis

Indonesia cursed by the Ring of Fire

Indonesia has recently been regarded as a prime investment destination after many years of suffering due to the Asian Depression in 1998. Southeast Asia’s largest economy has rendered an economic growth of an annualised 4.6 per cent in the first quarter of 2006, compared to 4.9 per cent in the prior quarter...

Key to competitiveness: Caribbean mergers

Dr Richard Bernal, the Head of the Caribbean Regional Negotiation Machinery (CRNM), has produced a most important paper on the survival of Caribbean businesses in a competitive global environment...

Inflation tearing away at wealth

Why is it I have more money appearing on my pay slip because I’m paying less taxes, but I don’t seem to be able to translate this extra money into extra anything? In fact, I seem to be spending much more in the grocery and getting much less every time I go...

Tracing the causes of rising prices

Just over a month ago, the Manufacturers Association (TTMA) held a seminar entitled “Petro Boom or Petro Bust.” A couple of weeks ago the editor of the Business Guardian asked the question: is our past our future?

Make way for Constitution reform

The chamber welcomes the recent news of the appointment of Sir Ellis Clarke to review and rewrite a new Constitution for T&T, and to do so by July, 2006...

Understanding natural gas reserves

Over the past few years there has been considerable debate about T&T’s gas reserves and whether the current reserves can sustain the anticipated expansion in downstream plants and power generation capacity (mainly linked to the proposed aluminium industry)...

Corporate change: The hard lessons learned

“We know what we want to do. We can picture exactly what we want to accomplish. Now, how do we get there from here?”

The middleman we can’t do without

The recent injury to the stock market valuation of many of our leading firms continues to be a source of distress for many who have their savings and pensions tied up in stocks directly or in Unit Trust funds which invest heavily in our market. And rightfully so, because hundreds of millions of dollars in value has been lost...






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