Monday 12th June, 2006

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Anand Ramlogan updated 11/06/06

It takes a lot more to get people to understand any point or principle regarding the need for racial equality, because we are so politically and personally sensitive...

Dana Seetahal updated 04/06/06

The issue of the renaming of the Trinity Cross has gained momentum following the decision of High Court Judge Jamadar in which he held the naming of our highest national award the Trinity Cross was discriminatory..

Denzil Mohammed updated 11/06/06

The Trinity Cross is no longer this country’s highest national award. Amen. Finally the long arm of the law has plunged a secular wedge between Church and State to birth a true possibility for every one to find an equal place in this nauseatingly Christianised society...

Dr Hamid Ghany updated 11/06/06

Prof Selwyn Ryan has opened a debate about whether or not Dr Eric Williams, the country’s first prime minister, was mentally stable...

Ira Mathur updated 11/06/06

This is a continuing series written in the memory of four-year-old Emily Annamunthodo who was assaulted and killed in her home, and her 19-year-old mother...

Lennox Grant updated 11/06/06

When, from the top ranks to the lowest, turmoil reigns inside the T&T Police Service, the still bigger story is that the country takes it all in stride...

Martin George updated 04/06/06

“Have you heard the latest news flash?” My friend and mentor Mr Maharaj asked me excitedly on the phone. I could just picture the mischievous smile on his face, the kind that he wears when he tells a joke...

Overand Padmore updated 11/06/06

We have a tendency in this country to articulate ready “solutions” to some of the most complex issues any society can face...

Peter Quentrall-Thomas updated 11/06/06

Recently, I was helping promote the premiere of the Da Vinci Code as, thanks to the kindness of the owners of MovieTowne, a portion of the money raised from ticket sales was to go to a home for abandoned children in Grenada...

Simon Lee updated 16/04/06

Along with wishing you all Happy Easter and many resurrections to come, I have the pleasure of informing you that, officially at least...


Debbie Jacob updated 12/06/06

I need far more than Father’s Day to honour my father, a hardworking, decent man who quietly accomplished the impossible. My father found a way to protect us all from the woes of the world...

Fr Henry Charles updated 12/06/06

A culture is always a contested matter, with different groups striving to make their vision of life prevail. Within recent weeks, analysts in the US have spoken of “the quickening pulse” of “the religious left...

Prakash Persad updated 05/06/06

Cultural insensitivity is not an attribute of which to be proud, more so in a land of many peoples in which “tolerance” is a watchword/motto...


Dr David E Bratt updated 06/06/06

“Doc, ah going Germany and I want a German measles shot.” “You mean you want a measles shot?”

Pastor Clive Dottin updated 06/06/06

It was felt by the coroner that David Kennedy died because of a drug overdose – a mixture of cocaine and heroin along with a sprinkling of other drugs...


Clevon Raphael updated 07/06/06

Criticising women is not something I relish so it was with a somewhat heavy heart I recently took junior Trade Minister Diane Seukeran to task—and she took it in the spirit it was done...

Ravi Ji updated 17/05/06

The name Doon Pandit still conjures up an image of a man of action, mystery, and respect that I had from my childhood. Somewhere in the distractions of the oil boom and an India drifting closer to Trinidad, bringing swamis and fashions and Bollywood to steal away our minds from our immediate jahaji past, his name receded, but it was never lost...

Tony Fraser updated 07/06/06

Encourage other donors to provide additional resources to low and middle income countries for the strengthening of HIV/Aids programmes and health systems and for addressing human resources gaps, including the development of alternative and simplified service delivery models and the expansion of community-level provision of HIV/Aids prevention, treatment, care and support, as well as other health and social services—political declaration of the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/Aids...


Greater Caribbean This Week updated 08/06/06

If it were ever a secret that most countries in the Greater Caribbean (GC) are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, last year’s hurricane season as well as non-hurricane-related flooding in Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Suriname and Venezuela should serve to belie whatever sense of complacency still remained...

Leela Ramdeen updated 08/06/06

I thought of these words when I read about the tragic death of 50 -year-old Prakash Singh. The media reported that Singh, who had no legs, was found slumped on the driver’s seat in his car which was parked under a tree on the compound of the San Fernando General Hospital...

Sat Maharaj updated 08/06/06

Indian Arrival Day (May 30) is a period when the Hindu community and all Indo Trinidadians reflect on the difficulties, deprivations and discriminations that our ancestors endured and the methods they used to overcome...

Dion Jeffers updated 09/06/06

T&T is one of the few countries in the Caribbean that enjoys a variety of races. It enjoyed a rich history of trials and tribulations which saw this country changing hands many times...

Gillian Lucky, MP updated 09/06/06

Football fever is on and the adrenalin will be pumping through our veins as the Soca Warriors tackle the Swedes in our bid for the prestigious World Cup...

Peter Ray Blood's Pulse Column updated 09/06/06

Meg Cheekes of the mega band Poison has officially resigned her position as the band’s communications officer, and there will be no Poison mas band on the streets come C2K7...

Wesley George upadted 02/06/06

The passing of Dr Eric Williams on March 29, 1981, brought to an end an era in the history of our nation. Dr Williams’ legacy is everything but a memory as it continues to thrive on in the psyche of his party (the PNM), the nation and the Caribbean region...


Attillah Springer updated 10/06/06

So is there anything else to talk about today? Does anyone care about life outside of football?

Lisa Allen-Agostini updated 10/06/06

When you was a little popo, if you born in T&T, the first words you might of ever hear in your life was somebody cooing in your ears, “Mammy nice chile.” Or they could of been whispering, “My chunkulunks. My sugar dumpling. My little sugar lumps.”

Gail Alexander updated 10/06/06

Red neckties outnumbered the red outfits in Parliament yesterday. The traditionally known energy of the colour failed, however, to perk up the earlier part of the session, although MPs had been lively with football talk before proceedings started...

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