Monday 12th June, 2006


More royalties for Cott members

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Starting today, the Copyright Music Organisation will distribute royalties to its members amounting to $1,677,076.76, the sum representing broadcasting and general licensing fees collected on their behalf for the year 2005, as well as royalties remitted by Cott’s regional and international affiliates.

The payment for broadcasting and general royalties amounts to $1,477,206.54 representing an increase of 10.58 per cent, compared against distributions made last year in this same category.

The balance of $199,870.22 represents royalties remitted from affiliated music rights organisations in respect of broadcasts and performances of Cott members’ music overseas.

Distribution in relation to broadcasting royalties amounts to $582,145.47, an increase of 31 per cent when compared with $443,694.72 paid last year to members.

General royalties (collections from concerts, fetes, restaurants, bars, clubs, business places, DJs, etc) accrued $895,061.07, a slight increase above last year’s $892,211.25.

The figures quoted refer only to royalties due to Cott members. Royalties for foreign affiliates will be remitted in August.

This is Cott’s second distribution to members in 2006. Already, members received royalties last February amounting to $176,007.27 in relation to foreign receipts and recording rights for the period July to December 2005.

In all, Cott distributes royalties four times per year.

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